Hi guys. I decided to create this video becouse i think that paying every 2 months for playing a game is ridiculus. This generator I invented does the simple…
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  1. dragonlord567 says:

    Hey i got a question i’m getting an desktop for Christmas and my friend is
    giving me his WOW CD’S am i able to download it to my computer with the
    CD’S and do i need to use the activation code with the CD’S or can i play
    without the code i already have a wow account and just wondering

  2. Zakusho says:

    actually this is a scam… why? there are like 28 people with the same
    video and description… oh and guess what most of em know eachother… its
    kinda obvious they wanted to waste time of people… this video should be
    just ignored… but im flagging it

  3. miloskrstic1997 says:

    @sekach17 e brate daj neki CD key za trial da produzim bar na mesec dana
    dok skupim kintu! pls ovo nzm da uradim

  4. fordmustang96 says:

    like i said.. no one listen to this guy. he is stealing ur stuff cus he has
    no life

  5. Felix Von Foolions says:

    goddamn i cant use any of these generators cuz i have no moneys to spend on
    a single card

  6. red123445 says:

    why would world of warcraft need a gmail ??

  7. fordmustang96 says:

    no one do what he says. this is what he says “(put your unused gamecard
    number here)” as u may know he is trying to steal ur gamecard info so dont
    give this fag any info at all!@=!!##@@@!!! fucking piece of shits like u
    mess everything up for other people cus ur too poor to afford ur own damn
    cards. get a life u piece of shit scum

  8. Lolzomgs says:

    can some1 send me a gamecard in PM?

  9. wonderboy341 says:

    umm dont be hwting on him.. this use to work..(he said hurry before they

  10. adnan almulla says:

    go fuck ur self noob dont think i dont no its happen to me befor wont
    happen again

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