READ- This is how to get duplicate wow prepaid game cards. This is prolly the only legit way i have found to duplicate them, i have been looking for ever to…
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  1. suicidalchoas says:


  2. Yurpins says:

    Nice find dude. thx a bunch

  3. bobbydigital421 says:

    lol she/he aint a nerd like you

  4. TheshiningBarrel says:

    Yes, thankk god you found this. only took me like 9 hours for them to
    respond with it. Im gonna stock up on them thoa.

  5. XboxIive says:

    thanks so much dude

  6. PolarMonkeys56 says:

    nice find dude

  7. MainN00B57 says:

    you just send the code to them

  8. itsVub says:

    WOOT! thanks bro.

  9. worlddominator101 says:

    omg…plz plz plz can i have one of ure gamecards. at this moment im kinda
    low on cash so..plz just give me one plz plz i would really appreciate it =)

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