Well, me and my Friend just figure it out how to duplicate it! We 2 cant share the program that we use beacuse of “blizzard will find out” But we do it for f…
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http://www.JumpstartYourDreams.com/nm.htm But how do you know if there’s a vemma scam for instance (there isn’t by the way)? or any other company that you’re…

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  1. acidclown0 says:

    @pownzor88 wait its not a scam?????

  2. pownzor88 says:

    Sory guys, i saw on mail somone comented here, well, i wasnt scamed, i
    still got my Free Gametime… and few of my friends too thoug. But well, we
    have donated to this guy about 20 $, for this, while we got lots of keys
    duped. Timecards and so on. and 2 cata keys. I hope all who already got his
    key, tp comment here. thos show some respect. (atleast)

  3. Frying Potato says:


  4. acidclown0 says:

    @pownzor88 LOL jking i know it is nice try tho and ill know its a scam if
    this gets deleted which it will

  5. Alphawolfjmi says:

    lol u expect us to send you a unused game key so you can “duplicate” it.
    the definition of duplicate is not use it for myself in case you don’t
    know. and its really to bad that blizzard “fixed the glitch!”

  6. Gerald Ursua says:

    nice scam you got there, you wont fool me

  7. pownzor88 says:

    mail sent. and got mail back, then i used the key that i have sent you and
    you sent me back, now i got from 30 gametime to 60 gametime. Ty mate, if
    there will be any fee, i will send you via paypal.! TNX again!!!

  8. Lil Phucker says:

    I chink I know these guys

  9. Zivko Runic says:

    lame go fuck ur self noob

  10. Heatless says:

    so we buy the game…send u the keys…u duplicate it for us? then wats the
    point cuz we have the game? scammer…

  11. acidclown0 says:

    and its not free if some one has to send you a code????? they are still
    paying for atleast one copy you cant take that shit back to a store so thye
    still spend money NOT FREE DIP SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ( but its a scam anyway so you know that???)

  12. Chelo Agosto says:

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  13. TheWoWKeys says:

    hello, my dear playas. As i already answered to about 20 ppl VIA EMAIL that
    Wotlk and Cataclysm CD KEY is not anymore duplicatable. The Blizzard fixed
    the glitch. So is not possible to duplicate the keys anymore. Now all we
    are able to duplicate is WOW GAMETIME and Nothing ELSE!

  14. ANeonTiger says:

    Not gonna argue with you but it’s an unsustainable pyramid.

  15. Fredrik Marthell says:

    You sure havnยดt done your research… Who tell people to quit their jobs??
    Maybe some new member, but who cares.. Everyone does newbiemistakes. Vemma
    sure is legit. Why people doubt? Are you serious with that question?
    Because they know people who have “failed” but if you listen Tim Sales, you
    can get the picture that they dont fail, they just dont follow the system..
    Why they upload “scam-videos” so they can explain why its not… plz, take
    a look at the newest one. Vemma is beyond history ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. BAT MAN says:

    He’s just lazy and can’t do research, just give up and then make up
    excuses, the kind of people who fail at this company then blame their
    failure on the company instead of their inadequacy

  17. Jasmine Rose says:

    Actually, I have done quite a bit of research on this company and their
    products. I have come to my own conclusions based on my knowledge and
    education. Why don’t you get to know YOUR subject matter before you make
    assumptions. You have a fantastic holiday season, as well.

  18. Austin Roberson says:

    Ganaderma Lucidium? The very first part of this video talks about hearing
    things that nobody knows about. Kind of contradicting themselves I think.
    Don’t waste your time with this.

  19. chris glod says:

    google how to earn a million dollars in network marketing to see how wrong
    you actually are my friend.

  20. Jasmine Rose says:

    I agree. I have tried. All the ones labeled “scam” or simply “vemma” are
    people sponsoring Vemma and Verve. I went on the website and it
    contradicted what some of the videos said. I think it’s a scam.

  21. ozman939 says:

    If you would like to join join Vemma just join at ozman.vemma.com/

  22. hosty91 says:

    I love haters and you know what you will be stuck in the employee mindset
    the rest of your life. If Vemma is a scam so is Avalon, Amway which is in
    my hometown of Grand Rapids Michigan, herbalife and all others. Truth is if
    you don’t like MLM’s then don’t do them but don’t be a critic to others.

  23. ANeonTiger says:

    Oh the website. That’s an unbiased source….

  24. xEazyC187x says:

    not true….there are a lot of videos that go over vemma and compare it to
    other SNM companies

  25. Tori Steele says:

    Oh patrick, I’m sorry you are so “closed minded”. The company did not
    upload the scam video, do your research . Meanwhile, i’ll just go check my
    iphone app and see how much money I made while i was sleeping last

  26. Jasmine Rose says:

    Sorry, not here to amuse you. I don’t know who you are, and you are
    honestly creeping me out. I don’t have to tell you anything. Make more
    assumptions about me if you must. I don’t particularly care. Just know that
    your replies have made me and probably others a lot more wary of this
    product/company. Your unfounded attacks and ridicule have convinced me even
    more that this company is not to be trusted.

  27. Kmac LA says:

    Isn’t Vemma just like Herbalife???? If so…. what a fucking SCAM!!! I hate
    these people

  28. jules1054 says:

    Hold on, I am going to go cry in my company paid BMW, I just can’t handle
    all the hate! MLM companies are real, & you guys are idiots. Ever heard of
    Mary Kay? Avon? Amway? Amway made more millionaires than any other company
    in the world, selling CLEANING PRODUCTS, and they STILL make about a
    billion dollars A MONTH. If Vemma was a scam, why sponsored by NBA teams?
    Why was it on the Dr. Oz show? Even people like Donald Trump support
    network marketing businesses like Vemma.

  29. patrick9296 says:

    Unethical? What’s unethical is leading college student’s to believe that
    they should quit their jobs to take part in a pyramid scheme. If Vemma is
    legitimate, why does everyone doubt it, to the point where the videos
    revolve around “keeping an open mind” and not listening to your peers who
    try to tell you its a bad idea? Why does vemma upload videos that say
    “Vemma Scam?” then try to explain that it’s not, when history has proven
    exponential growth doesn’t work? Karma IS a bitch. So is Vemma.

  30. Samuil Rizov says:

    thats funny, they mispronounced some fruit names, and then said coffee was
    bad when research shows it lowers the risk of cancer……just saying…
    and it didnt say vemma once in the whole video, its flat out misleading…

  31. Helaman Mancia says:

    according to wikipedia the largest unreliable source in the world hahahaha

  32. Tyler Ford says:

    To put down Vemma is not a professional way to promote you business. Vemma
    is a great company!!!

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