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  1. ZackSlapped says:

    @Mrpoch1234 Okay, obviously you have no idea what freebiejeebies is. You
    dont earn points. You have to refer ppl to the site, then you get an item

  2. freebieejeebies says:

    Freebiejeebies now on youtube so If you have any questions or want to see
    proof that it all works, then visit our new channel!! (after signing up
    through this persons links of corse :) subscribe for updates and
    competitions for freebiejeebie members!! See you soon

  3. freebiejeebiehacker1 says:

    Yang yang Zhou

  4. pizzless says:

    wherre is lovefilm

  5. npeacock724 says:

    dude learn to speak properly into a mic

  6. Aidan Daniel says:

    PLEASE respond .. So if on get ref I buy 40 credits (20 refs on freebie
    jeebies) will it actually count to referrals as in do the referrals i get
    have offers allready completed so it will be name email and then say …
    Offer completed ?? I need an answer fast thanks :)

  7. SitsiaLa says:

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  8. SuperDon10000 says:

    490729 i have no referals so please sign up using mine

  9. Jeremy Strangient says:

    Freebiejeebies offers cost and you need to complete one to become a
    referral, visit my channel to find out how to earn gifts through completely
    free offers

  10. Fire Fist Sabo says:

    gifts(.)freebiejeebies(.)co(.)uk/356183 refer me and i will refer you

  11. wertu93 says:

    how long can it take till u get the pins or w/e i have one buddy but dindt
    got the point

  12. MrRyanseiler says:

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    referrals in 24 hours click my name omg amazing!

  13. Roger Hastings says:

    My freebiejeebies referal link glitched so it takes less referrals to get
    rewards! it’s: 187241

  14. flipanywere says:

    when u buy refferals for freebiejeebies does it actualy say theyve
    completed an offer and its an actual referer and its green

  15. ZMH0109 says:

    i can’t get a free offer :(

  16. Ty Rachet says:

    Hey everyone check my freebiejeebies video out to see how to get a free
    ipad and other products from apple or get money to your amazon account
    click my name and watch the video.

  17. MrUnboxing1000 says:

    gadgets.f reebiejeebies. co .uk/389015

  18. 00FiveStarzz says:


  19. edwardandvictoria1 says:

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