Fresh Perspectives: American Debt

Beck Bennett charges America’s Youth with the challenge of dissecting the big issues and news and politics. Created by Beck Bennett Political Analyst: John D…
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  1. dakotab291 says:

    Holy shit, that Gus kid knows whats he’s talking about!??

  2. Brooks Sturm says:

    Fun fact – no one likes Gus. He’s a buzzkill. And a know-it-all. He’s going
    to wonder why he doesn’t have more friends 10 years down the road. Again,
    no one likes Gus. Nathan may be dumb, but at least he’s entertaining and
    not uptight.?

  3. Mikel Kanoza says:

    Go right side of the table!?

  4. Sheena Coggins says:

    Gus is amazing he should have his own show, he is his own advocate I see
    politics in his future. ?

  5. iamanonymousjoe says:

    jasmine is communist?

  6. Malrey Smith says:

    I want Gus as my minister of finances?

  7. Brandon Levenson says:

    kids are just drunk and high al the time?

  8. Ww Westy says:

    This is how I feel talking about politics around HoneyBooBoo viewers.?

  9. 4X4wheelin says:

    Beck, you almost became insignificant. Good timing!!?

  10. jol710 says:

    The blonde kid has a point.?

  11. Mia Su Cary says:

    “If I don’t confuse someone I feel insignificant.” -Gus?

  12. Lindsay Barlow says:

    This is funny…?

  13. Sarah Callinan says:

    “If I don’t confuse someone, I feel insignificant.”?

  14. Bahama Bob says:

    nathan is gonna be a nicer guy than gus

  15. Mspigglywiggly09 says:

    In looooove with Beck!!!!

  16. patd10123 says:

    Who gives a shit?

  17. Maria Perez says:

    I feel so dumb right now. Thanks Gus.

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