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  1. Jose Antonio Valenzuela says:

    Dos it wprk forma anyone else


  2. Jose Antonio Valenzuela says:

    Man this sucks

  3. asadrucse says:

    Yo, have you wondered this method called the Intellitus Cash System? (do a
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  4. RandomP3rs0n1 says:

    they are giving away free stuff you have to earn it for you self

  5. TheExtremer100 says:

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  6. Kawanda Hopkins says:


  7. Jacob Cortez says:

    WOW! I just got free Xbox live codes at

  8. MrEditzzzz says:

    @mastercvvseller oh please… you dont even know what a kernel is just

  9. Minecraft Tips 22977 The_mc_tipers says:

    just give me your credit card DUMBASS it dose not work DUMBASS

  10. itzkylev1 says:


  11. blade slayer says:

    email me

  12. WhySlim says:

    WOW!! i just got free xbl codes at

  13. ILIKEICECREAM1234 says:

    You can still like roblox and minecraft. I like both. But you like roblox
    only if you really want to

  14. xThatOneWeirdGuy says:

    Hm, ITS A TRAP

  15. RetiringBiscuit says:

    Doesn’t work, I searched for 1 million dollars, And nothing came up…

  16. Master12The says:

    ok tell me how to get obc (outrangeous builder club) on roblox

  17. udaranalan says:

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  18. Dean Hellofs says:


  19. harjot08844 says:

    is this safe and can u get something online because my dad would never
    belive me or let me do this i want to get free things online.

  20. gengarbangar says:

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  21. luckyirish2008 says:

    to complete offers you still need a credit card

  22. FoRGiiV3mEwALnUt says:

    go to lockerz itz legit

  23. Nash M says:

    Juliana they don’t give free stuff! They have to earn it by doing some
    surveys and some other stuff!

  24. antoni012345 says:

    omg!!!!!!!!!! i need a credit card to get the iphone 4g and its 4 2 dollars
    man i cant let my mom no wat im getting her

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