Get Unlimited AT&T Service FREE FOREVER

I hope this worked for all of you! :) this is a example to not believe everything you see on the internet! :) thanks for watching.
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  1. TeknologyCloud says:


  2. wingnut4427 says:

    I scratched my ass like that once… but it wasn’t silver.. it was red …
    & runny ! 0_0?

  3. Akshay Sharma says:

    I did the thing he said and I got a message saying WHY did you stop man my
    ass was itchy.?

  4. Brock Scott says:

    This is awesome.Hope this same kind idea would work for DirecTV. Please
    tell me where I need to scrape my gold on my access card so I can watch
    Playboy Channel for free. Also do you know where I need to scrape at on my
    bank atm. I would love to have unlimited withdrawals of cash.

    My grandma wants to know where she needs to scrape on her LifeAlert
    necklace. Cause when she’s falling & can’t get up, she don’t want to pay
    for service. She can’t see very good, so could you please use a magnifying
    glass showing where she needs to scrape the gold off on her LifeAlert sim.?


    Why didn’t you pit that Sims card in your phone to show us it works…lol
    you are so full of it….?

  6. SyncroGaming says:

    If you dont get you 70 year old knee cap looking ass on somewhere. Digging
    in the booty don’t want to get caught looking ass. BRING THAT AZZ HERE BOI

  7. Sidney Mathious says:

    I have an old phone with a sim card that size and wonder if it would work
    even though the new phone is in service and I could still use the old phone
    to work online??

  8. Maximus Calderon says:

    HOLY COW BATMAN I did this and now I have unlimited everything plan
    forever. thanks dude?

  9. dimensionalyspeaking says:

    wow It actually did not work@!!! Thanks, I Knew I could find a way not to
    get on the net,..,.?

  10. Dante Sims says:

    WTF!!! Now my sim card doesn’t work YOU PIECE of crap A-Hole!!!! I had to
    buy a new $20.00 sim and a new sd card thanks to this bastard. :( F.U. Just
    Kidding:) Love the video, I know better than to destroy a perfectly good
    sim card to try to get free service. ?

  11. stan stanley says:

    why dont you make another video of you doing that putting it in and using
    the phone ??

  12. fung whyou says:

    the shame is someone is stupid enough to try it and ruin their card?

  13. Ro Du says:

    So this is considered theft of service. If you do this they can still
    track all of your movements and communications in their systems. When they
    do their annual audit they will find you and if they do not prosecute you
    for stealing services which is a felony. They will send you a HUGE bill
    and even take you to court to pay it. Please do not follow this idiots
    video. He will get you into a lot of legal trouble. ?

  14. Troy Gallineau says:

    How does the service work still disconnect the bill after two years ?

  15. Thomas O'Connor says:

    No need to do this. The FCC now requires that companies providing cell
    phone service honor customer requests to unlock the phone. I just called
    AT&T and requested it and they guided me through the process.?

  16. EastBayFM says:

    All you dumb fucks obviously dont understand that youtube has a video
    description…and within this magical description box you will see A
    DESCRIPTION of the video….you all are fucking retarded?

  17. Juan Arias says:

    if you have T- Mobile u have to scrape it with your nail the simcard is
    more sensitive.?

  18. gabriel walker says:

    its a joke?

  19. Flavius Cucereavi says:

    Your on net 10 that’s what home stands for ?

  20. Ramon Preston says:

    Just to make a couple of bucks I am selling expired SIM cards. Who wants to
    buy one? Very competitive prices.?

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