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This Verizon phone is running on a GSM network in the US. I have this phone setup to work on a T-mobile sim. It has also worked on an AT&T sim and a Straight…
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  1. MacMillerMixtapes says:

    Can you help me. I had my droid RAZR m on gsm so I could use tmobile but I
    accidentally updated to KitKat 4.4.2. Can I downgrade back to 4.2.1 or get
    gsm on it again. But I don’t know if I can?

  2. Jaikob's Mommy says:

    So all you have to do is swich the sim card??? Is it flashed???

  3. Jennifer Taschner says:

    Hello I was wondering if u could please help me get my vzw droid ultra on
    T-Mobile? Se …I have changed my network settings an APN. I’m on the
    network an been reading a lot on XDA but when I do *611 I’m not connecting
    I used tweaker for APN settings?

  4. Documentare says:

    please tell me what revision is your phone?
    I have one phone and write HW C
    Tell me please can be used on GSM?
    Tell me how you managed to do to use GSM thanks?

  5. Daniel Arty says:

    there”s five minutes i just completely wasted !!!!!?

  6. clarrissa gentry says:

    Hi can u tell me how to get my droid global on my t-moble account ?

  7. Stephan Robinson says:

    did i miss something

  8. janelle cronen says:

    Do you know how to actually unlock it or did you get it done by someone

  9. clarissa owens says:

    I have a motorola droid bionic ibwoukd like to know will thus work with att
    or tmobike an how will it work?

  10. Amber Williamson says:

    Why the hell would u think people would want to see this video? All we care
    about is HOW!?

  11. Patrick Thompson says:

    I would much rather see the whole thing start to finish if possible i need
    to know exactly how you got it unlocked and do i need the old verizon sim
    because i don’t have it all i have is the new t mobilesim?

  12. Thomas Kelly says:

    But how did you do this? Did I miss a “Part One” to his video? I haven’t
    the money to get a phone and a friend just gave me their old Droid Bionic
    tonight. I have T-Mobile (just talk – I do not even pay for text service).
    All of the rooting and “How To” instructions in the forums are insanely
    intimidating — and there are always a bunch of complaints that they never
    works quite right (certainly not on the first try). If I can do this
    without rooting…That would help immensely. But how??

  13. Rouse Art Design says:

    Maybe i missed it to how do u get it unlocked?

  14. Tauasia Horne says:

    How do it unlock my driod ultra to tmobile do I root it first?

  15. mario aranda says:

    Another site that just gives you tones of spam. More ads surveys. Baloni?

  16. kathrine lyke says:

    fuck is wrong with your voice?

  17. 808wutulik says:

    How did u make it work, and what about droid 3??

  18. BfuckinWEEZY says:

    how can u do that for an at&t? is there a site and tutorial for it to? i
    have an iphone with the pay as u go 50 for eerything a month and this
    iphone is for the birds so if i can get my droid to take and work off my
    sim id be happy lol

  19. mike hanson says:

    That’s great but how did you do it? I have this Verizon droid slim that
    they tell me has a chip that runs it on a different frequency than other
    networks. Is that bs or what? Will the 4g data work? I paid 300 bucks for
    this and skipped on my plan over a year ago so they want 600bucks haha
    terrible contract $100 a month got too much for a term.

  20. vorkev1 says:


  21. bankz1 says:

    How did you get it to work on t – mobile? Or straight talk?

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