Government Debt and You

This is an updated version of “Economic Armageddon and You.” It’s an easy-to-understand overview of the global economic crisis.
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How to Upgrade and keep UNLIMITED DATA with Verizon Wireless (2013)

Don’t give up your UNLIMITED DATA plan. In this video I show you how to use your upgrade to get a new smartphone at the subsidized price and KEEP UNLIMITED D…
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  1. OldRangeRat says:

    Uncle Sam (Plutocrats that own the Government) started the change of
    economy policies in 1963 – by lowering tariffs – in attempts to weaken the
    political clout of the new MIDDLE CLASS American wage earner (you know the
    old WWII GIJoes). And nobody complained… its time to look back at
    history without your political blinders !!?

  2. Sukoon Jafri says:

    Economic Armageddon explained in 3 minutes…

    Government Debt and You?

  3. Carlos Reyna says:

    Here’s a quick presentation on what I’ve been preaching for a while: brace
    yourselves, winter is coming.?

  4. DeepBlue says:

    it is high time people of USA discard this myth of free market + support
    their govt. for taxing the rich & USE that money for Govt. run enterprises.
    Trust me – Govt. works & way better than corrupt corporations. Let Govt.
    run everything for some time.

  5. MrHav1k says:

    Basically because of human greed and the fact that people in China and
    India can be paid nothing and live in a shit shack were all going to die…

  6. Extreme Pacifist says:

    The total amount of money that you and I, being property of the USA Inc.,
    owe, is $16 Trillion. The interest being paid out to other countries and
    foreign banks, on a monthly basis, is just to service our debt, the
    principle continues to grow. Try to comprehend this from your own personal
    financial situation. If you have a credit card, and carry a balance of $
    16,000 and pay the minimum monthly payment, interest only of $300, and
    still charge over $1000 a month

  7. Charlie12241 says:

    Why is the government giving money to other countries?

  8. EpleGoesInsane says:

    in short we’re fucked :)

  9. Robin Hood Ipanaque says:

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    of everything going on in the world right now? wars, taxes, no jobs,
    homeless people, innocent people dying everyday. do you want to feed the
    hungry? protect animals from animal cruelty? etc etc. i really want to
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  10. phatcontrolla says:

    Atlas is shrugging!

  11. yumenokoyume says:

    There is a solution. The most effective solution of all. STOP THE

  12. WebBusinessGuru says:

    Pay off your debt /watch?v=Bqm4OP5CwQs

  13. Extreme Pacifist says:

    So, to clarify, we US taxpayers and citizens paid $21 Billion to foreign
    governments and banks, and our debt increased by $230 Billion, for just one
    month! It would be better if we just refused to pay the interest all
    together for just one month! We would still have that $21 Billion, and
    could distribute it to needy families in the US

  14. Frederik Højgaard says:

    A part of the video is slightly incorrect. “Governments, banks and
    cooperations don’t actually have much money. Mostly, all they have is debt
    to one another.” That is not true. ALL they have is debt to banks. The
    banks have plenty of money, they are the ones earning from the interest on
    the loans they create from nothing (it’s not just the Federal Reserve, it’s
    all commercial banks.)

  15. Salvador Lamas says:

    I wanna go to another Planet!!!

  16. Ethan Rahman says:

    @AtlasHBS are you suggesting that we all be slaves to the private sector?

  17. kristigator says:

    If you’re so worried about the 1% perhaps you should find out why so many
    democrats made MILLIONS when they passed Obamacare. Remember, for two years
    they controlled the entire government and made MILLIONS …not many on Wall
    Street made that much while screwing the ENTIRE country!

  18. RealTrueTarget says:

    If only farmers wouldn’t have been screwed worldwide we’d at least have
    enough food to survive in the crisis, but as it is the “illuminati” who
    have hoarder everything in safe bunkers and the like will be happily
    watching their depopulation plans go into full gears. Enjoy.

  19. Zorn27 says:

    So… invest in shiny metals 😀

  20. Extreme Pacifist says:

    Try to comprehend how much Debt you and I owe others, through “Public
    Debt”, because the people in power in Washington DC, have been allowed by
    you and I, to spend Trillions of Dollars on never ending wars on terror,
    crime, drugs, and every other problem that our government has created, and
    remember, money is never lost, it is merely transferred, and most of our
    money has been transferred to the 1% who control all of the corporations on
    Wall Street.

  21. Extreme Pacifist says:

    With every new Dollar that is created out of thin air, a digit on a
    computer screen, the value, and buying power of your Dollars decrease, and
    the government finds new ways to raise taxes, fees, and other costs, so
    that at the end of the day, over half of what you earn is stolen by the
    government, and the other half is handed over to the corporations. Take
    some time to research what they are doing to you and I. Get Informed, Get
    Angry, Get Active.

  22. claing17 says:

    You guys just need a good old fashioned civil war.

  23. Wesley Woolridge says:

    Lmfao, the ending. Thanks for the video?

  24. Pratik Patel says:

    Will this work with iPhone 6 or has Verizon caught on??

  25. chris delury says:

    Omg boring?

  26. Timothy Ahn says:

    LOL This guy is fcking funny.. “some piece of shit flip phone with
    keyboard” and “shitty Iphone” hAHAH… these phones used to be the BOMB!?

  27. Serafina Ha says:

    Hi +MrSwuft, thanks for that. Related question – I have a phone in the
    share plan that has the unlimited data plan. However, it seems that we will
    have to push that phone line out so that the person can pay for their phone
    line separately now. Is there any way to keep that data plan alive, so that
    someone anyone can use it? Would appreciate your help!?

  28. ske1555 says:

    Verizon is gonna start slowing (they claim its not throttling, but its
    throttling to me) 4g speeds for unlimited data users fall of 2014. There
    is a lot of factors to this, but that’s the general idea. Any idea to get
    around that??

  29. 1DRIPSTER says:

    Now you can take your upgrade and switch it to another line and it wont
    affect your unlimited data on that line; they just offered that feature.?

  30. Jay Christian says:

    I have a iphone 4 and want to do this. How would I do the sim card thing if
    the iphone 4 does not have one? Just want to clear that step up for me.

  31. adrianaramirez597 says:

    Hehe hehe!! Your are do f****k right Verizon does have shitty plans now a
    new way to steal from us by making us think tht they are actually lowering
    there f**up plans!! Great video!! Lol N I thought I was the only one tht
    though tht iPhone are a piece of crap!!!?

  32. breeze810 says:

    Lol this dude was running out of breathe but he is speaking the truth
    ….good video bro ?

  33. RabY0 says:

    You’re a funny man. Thanks for the information! Power to the people! Stick
    it to the man!?

  34. lostindreams3 says:

    Would this work if my previous device was 3g with unlimited data and I
    activate a 4g device? My iphone 4 had no sim I was going to get a used 5c
    iphone online with a 4g sim card while I decide what we’ll do as far as
    switching from Verizon or doing the method exactly described in this video?

  35. Kasim Fatmi says:

    So I have 3 lines on my account. 1 unlimited data and the rest are raping
    me. When I went to upgrade a standard smartphone I made an order on a 3rd
    party seller website then within the day I went to a authorized dealer and
    bought a 2nd phone and officially used the upgrade. When the phone I
    ordered came in I put it on my unlimited line and it worked out, 2 phones
    off 1 upgrade.?

  36. Jorge Duron says:

    Tried to do this last week and I was told that in order to swap phones the
    upgrade phone needs to be active for at least 6 months on that line?

  37. PAB JETT says:

    I have 5 phones. 1 4G Thunderbolt with unlimited with an available upgrade,
    2 with 2GB plans and 2 are dumb phones but they have some sort of 75MB data
    plan on them. Could this be a problem service swapping the dumb phones? or
    could I just use the one of the other smart phones to perform the swap??

  38. Moe Den says:

    Love this video and thanks for the info?

  39. Wil Garris says:

    this will not work if you change from a 3g to a 4g phone, trust me, i work
    for them. i have for 8 years. to change to a 4g phone you have to call in
    or make the change online and you will get the answer that when changing to
    a 4g phone the unlimited plan in no longer available. if you would like to
    keep your unlimited 3g data you can but you have to stay on a 3g phone. if
    you change to a 4g you have to choose a 4g data plan. also not all 4g sim
    cards are the same. you have to make sure then you upgrade to a new 4g
    phone that it can take your existing unlimited 4g data sim card. ?

  40. Justin Tang says:

    so i have an iPhone 5, my father can upgrade to a galaxy s5; meaning i can
    just switch sim cards and my dad takes the iPhone 5 and i take the galaxy
    s5? does it work that way? please help me? PLEASE thank you ?

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