From This Pre-Paid Legal Leadership Conf Call has Cesar L. Rodriguez interviewing Jenifer Williford. You’ll learn why you should …

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  1. Cong Velasquez says:

    omg.. this really helps im kinda noob.. the law of expectation really make

  2. Donneth Gayle- Goffe says:

    Good morning and thank you for this video. I have a question for you. I
    heard my business partner Kevin Harrington, the host of shark tank says ” a
    good business minded person is always looking for their next big project.
    Do you agree and how long have you been in Network Marketing? What do you
    like about it?

  3. Rob Summers says:

    Alright I just saw Greatest Conf Call Ever! Recruiting Up, Attracting
    Professionals, I just wanted you to know I thought it was actually a
    excellent video, it’s interesting how many comments you have. Thank you for
    posting. I am looking forward to your next video. Thanks Rob Summers Sep
    02, 2013 10:25:23

  4. Erasigma says:

    What happened to the rest of the call? This was great learning…is there a
    playback? Dial and pin? Thank you, LegalShield family!

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