Ring Earner Mr. Michael Cabradilla explains how you could earn the FREEDOMS you desire in 5 years. “Here is WHY it works!” Please take a look for yo…

Straight talk has phones with full email and web capability and even has a plan with unlimited data to go along with it!

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  1. lump lump says:

    What is your 5 year Plan??

  2. Raymond Hays says:

    I learn this nine years ago, in a training class. People call me at
    raymondhays.legalshieldassociate.com IT SIMPLE, just share what you learn
    with anyone that will listen. Work the ones that see it. Enjoy the nice
    people you meet along the way. LegalShield is a journey. Not a get rich
    scheme! ?

  3. Raymond Hays says:

    This company taught me this principle, I enjoy sharing it with others. If
    this make sense to you Call LegalShield 712-432-1219 Meeting ID
    189-160-136# reference 5#?

  4. travis sharpe says:

    does this phone have an app for facebook or do u just go straight to the

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