I purchased a green dot moneypak card from Wal-Mart. I uploaded 0 dollars. A few days later I go to use it and the money is GONE!!!!!! DO NOT BUY ONE OF T…

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  1. Michael De Santa says:

    Take this from me, i may be underage but i used Green Dot once. I signed up
    for a permanent card, and had never recieved it. Now when i did the Kmart
    Halogens, i got that card.?

  2. nicole webster says:

    Smh sad what go around come around?

  3. JAMES BOND says:

    use common sense dumb ass lmao?

  4. James Henderson says:

    Yeah they are scamming on Facebook too talking about adding zeros to your
    balance, Beware!?

  5. ExotikZBoy17 says:

    It’s not Wal-Mart or any store’s fault, it’s GreenDot’s, the card itself.?

  6. Fbm cross says:

    I feel you i lost 400 and it was a buzz ?

  7. Phil Ferroni says:

    Bro you were scammed. Watch the news. There is a new scam people not
    walmart at all. They push you to buy greendot cards from Walmart
    specifically and they take you mone. Someone got your nunber somehow and
    took your money, good luck?

  8. Thanh Nguyen says:

    With these cards you are better off with just opening up a checking
    account. Use that checking account to deposit the money and use the cards.
    I don’t trust any cards that are over the counter. Especially GREENDOT,
    because those phones scams phone call only use this type of card to dupe
    people. ?

  9. John Jacoby says:

    I called Kroger’s and Walgreens headquarters to ask them to stop selling
    this card. My parents lost $4000 dollars on a scam that involved bail
    money to be paid using this card. This is a bad company. Thank you for
    posting this video.?

  10. Andy Karamjani says:
  11. David Potter says:

    i hope some one hacks green fucking dot and all the pricks who fucking sell
    that shit?

  12. Emilia Pereda says:

    HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!! BULLSHIT?

  13. Long Weng says:

    Sorry I meant a green dot moneypack card.?

  14. nievese2929 says:

    They sell them because it’s cheap and it attracts the poor stupid society. ?

  15. KTBmma says:

    Get a fucking debit card idiots.?

  16. raykirkland555 says:

    Ur a fucking retard thats the reload card not a actual card thats to reload
    a prepaid card and its is only good.for 24 hours ive moved over 100 grand
    that way you have to first have a prepaid.card to reload?

  17. DeZeRtRaNgEr69 says:

    why do they sell these?? i think the real question is why the fuck don’t
    you have a bank accout?? fuckin green dot lmao good 1 ?

  18. Emilia Pereda says:

    HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!! BULLSHIT?

  19. Long Weng says:

    This video is bullshit! First of all you can’t put that much money on a
    greendot card. Greendot didn’t recognize the amount and the card was
    never activated. The teller didn’t know what he/she was doing and went
    ahead with the transaction. The Retailer of these card should educate
    their employees that sell them. ?

  20. Fred Crouse says:

    Funny thing is as i finished posting that last comment i look to the right
    of similar videos that pop up an i see one that says GreenDot MoneyPak
    Codes Generator lol .?

  21. Gregory Perkins says:
  22. nievese2929 says:


  23. AL. VPROD says:

    They have code generators for everything now. Some fat nerdy kid on his
    computer probably does this all day and is rich by now lol?

  24. Fred Crouse says:

    I have to go with AL. VPROD on this one so many people use them code
    generators now a day’s your better off spending the cash cause the very
    second of every day of any day you put money on a card there is over 1000’s
    of people with scripted code generators where they aren’t even on the
    computer it automatically try millions of random codes till it hits one
    with a balance an it sucks it right off. So your better off not wasting
    your hard earned money. They may not get you today or tomorrow but that’s
    just because your cards codes haven’t hit that script yet?

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