Question by Kevin: how can i get free microsoft points instantly with no surveys?

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Answer by Dragos Drakkar
You might have gotten more/better answers by asking this in the Xbox or Video & Online games sections of the site, rather than the section that mostly is about the site itself, but consider how the auto-placement system works, it is an easy enough thing to happen.

Anyways, you can get free Microsoft Points instantly without surveys by asking someone know to buy the prepaid cards for you or to give you the equivalent money as gifts for your birthday, Christmas, or some other gift giving reason. You get the points/money for free, this isn’t stealing so you don’t have to worry about problems arising as if you had trying stealing them, shouldn’t have to deal with surveys or referral links or anything of that nature, and the best part is that getting/giving gifts is still possible and legal despite what most people think or say anymore.

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