Question by furby_lost: how do you find someone who can help with legal help?
I need some help financialy. I have lost my two kids to there husband on the reservation and now need help in getting an attorney. I had one and she got hurt ans is uncapbale of practing law for the next six month. I need to now if there is a place or someone out there who would be willing to help me get them back.I have spent all my money on the first attorney and just had surgery and now may have to have a hystorctomey so wont have money for a while. Any one out there who knows about any help please let me know… no smart replys please this is killing me…
the attorney we were working with has had her phone shut off and according to the bar she will not be practicing for 6 months to a year and i need help for this is on a fedral reservation and i am white. there laws are diffrent his family came and asked if they could see the kids for a week and then my ex showed the next day and filed for custody and a divorce. With no notice he got them both. I have dont nothing wrong but caught him a lot of lies. its not fair they could do that.
rabbler R thank you so m uch. you lead me in the right direction. thank you so much. i dont need no more answers to t his question….

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Answer by betty k
Ask the attornry you had if she can recommend someone. She probably has someone she can refer clients to. Its worth a try. bettyk

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