Disclaimer: Boring video of me unlocking an iphone 3gs for .92. I just bought a ATT iphone 3gs from Best Buy Clearance for . If you have ATT service, yo…
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  1. stalkingalizee says:

    3GS was supported for 4+ years. Most Androids lose updates after a year or
    two. iOS 7 is on iPhone 4. I bought the Galaxy S back in 2010 and Samsung
    never updated it past Gingerbread despite it being an international best
    seller. Apple support of legacy devices goes well beyond market standard.

  2. aleks dude says:

    You’ve got a good point. The 3gs is old technology. The phone is for an
    older relative who will have trouble with technology. We offered him the
    larger lg l9 which is a 4.5″ android phone but for some reason he preferred
    the smaller iphone 3gs

  3. aleks dude says:

    Yea… without app support the phone will can only be used for simple tasks
    like phone and messaging. Kind of wish Apple would support their legacy
    devices.. I don’t even think iphone 4 will get ios 7.

  4. brittenne knox says:

    Thanks Lisa.Great info?

  5. Jam Down says:

    you have me inspired :)?

  6. AffordableREI says:

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