How the court work You enter as persons which are fictions.Property does not have rights. A process serve gives you and offer, what do you do with it? Rememb…
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  1. HELPMEPLEASE2010 says: The courts is fraud. We are still in
    slavery. They just use the judicial system wrongfully convicting the
    innocent and allowing the guilty to walk free.?

  2. gorgeousdzastr says:

    annotate your signature correctly? (for) /___signature___ ?

  3. Yahrael Ben says:

    Brother did you change your status and claim a proper nationality on public
    record?, other wise you are not free Beast Inc still has authority over

  4. TheGimmieGotcha says:

    sovereign citizen secured party creditor over here

  5. DeprogramedEnlightener says:

    @empirerocny I like to coin ot serious and no time for non-sense of
    debates. This is not a debate forum. If you wish to do so select another
    channel. I do not as you to visit. If you cannot see it then its because
    you have been blinded

  6. DeprogramedEnlightener says:

    @YouPickedTheWrongGuy I do not believe in religion but i do in my Creator.
    You picked the wrong guy.

  7. TheGimmieGotcha says:

    sovereign citizen secured party creditor over here this is great info

  8. DeprogramedEnlightener says:

    @FUNCLEJ0E hahha thanks it was my mic but it was 4 am when i did this

  9. DeprogramedEnlightener says:

    @iamrodneyy Thanks the love is always welcome

  10. mrsir512 says:

    Great vid man. Keep it up holmes.

  11. DeprogramedEnlightener says:

    @iranbsup For educational purposes your have a right to remain silent.
    Should they issue a warrant and they do not have a contract with yo that is
    kidnap if they can not prove that you were engaged in some crime or are
    about to commit a crime. That is as long as you do not consent. You need to
    get a control fee and charge them for your time. Why do they want to talk
    to you? I am not here to educate criminals, liars and those that do harm to
    other living souls.

  12. DeprogramedEnlightener says:

    @YouPickedTheWrongGuy You operates from a vexed spirit. We have free will
    to do as we chose. If men want to be wicked Yah grants him that freedom to
    do so. if a demon as? yourself wish to denounce Yah then He allows agents
    of Satan as yourself to go around and promote disbelief that lead to a wide
    spread or homosexual, cold blooded murders know as abortions, evil women
    that walk around with picket signs for freedom of abortions to kill
    innocent life. you will get yours!

  13. DeprogramedEnlightener says:

    @empirerocny Are you certain about that? How do you know I have not revoked
    all 3rd party power of attorney power over me? I know you would love to see
    me locked up to enable satan’s work to continue thou child of the Devil.

  14. FUNCLEJ0E says:

    I allege you are dehydrated (DRY AIR) with a lowered immune system brother.
    I may be wrong, but, if it seems I may be correct, you should boil water to
    humidify your home, and then consume some citrus or garlic (raw garlic is
    powerful). If you are recovering from a cold, then perhaps no worries. If
    just getting it, you should fight back. YHWH bless and keep you. Peace.

  15. auder says:

    Oh man! You are brilliant and I’m so glad that you’re getting this
    information out there. I hope we all wake up to this soon. Thanks for the

  16. deanmullen10 says:

    The current justice system is based on the belief that a sentence should
    match the crime (or thereabouts), but this is fundamentally flawed. In
    truth all this seems to be doing is increasing negativity in the world.
    Only when it’s anarchy (causing negativity for the better good) is it
    actually good. If a person is imprisoned and thus future crimes by them are
    prevented because they are a threat then this is justice. If the person is
    not a threat this is injustice and a waste of time/money.

  17. Iran El Bey says:

    What do I do if police want to question me and they threaten me with a
    warrant if I dont comply? Apparently they want to use me as bait…..

  18. maddmuppetonacid says:

    Good stuff

  19. DeprogramedEnlightener says:

    Law = contract, contract = law, do not argue the merit of the case,
    contact, contract, contract!

  20. Antwann Lyles says:

    Don’t forget to subscribe and check out my other videos as well training
    videos will be updated weekly?

  21. Charlie Trevino says:

    I am interested in signing up :) please send me any info you think i should
    have to get started :) thanks ?

  22. J. Monae says:

    This Video was Great I been taking notes just to build a strong foundation
    i thank u for sharing?

  23. Jynell Lucas says:

    Im thinkin about joinin. I have a bank account. What else do I need

  24. agustin D says:

    Like the video bro keep it up mca all dAy ?

  25. Pedro Mendoza says:

    Whats that song at the end

  26. HoneyKisses says:

    Not entirety true about the AAA. They do assist if you’re a
    passenger…just like MCA. AAA does have a limit, though on how many times
    you can use them and that alone is cause to join MCA instead of AAA! ?

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