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The meaning of life is problem solving! This is how they control the people daily. They solve the basic problems of food, clothing & shelter by providing you…
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  1. unworldlything says:

    you are fucking lying! hahaha~

  2. unworldlything says:

    you can do what you want, I don’t give a fuck what you do. hahaha~ I may
    have hurt your feelings… hahaha~

  3. Kona Izumi says:

    Well there are some good points but all it is , is people just hating on
    the government because of taxes or whatever.If it was back in 1979 then
    there will be some problems with the shot, The research Then wasn’t as good
    as it is now, because the times have changed.But People that think the shot
    is to kill the people are…weird because why would they want to kill the
    people that make them money everyday. I could be wrong but that is my

  4. unworldlything says:

    just believe anything mindlessly… hahahaha~ what a stupid dumbass animal~
    hahahaha~ just beleive anything that you think is right~ of course you do
    not question them! because you just agree with it and think it is right~
    hahahaha~ dumbass~ I beleive in anything~ cause it sounds right to me~
    hahahaahhahaahah~ what an animal~ hahahaha~ I bet you are fat ass who eat
    uselessly~ hahahaha~

  5. Slavestorms says:

    You have no standing here. No credentials, no peer group, no subscribers
    and no friends. Still trolling and slinging the same empty threats and
    insults. Are you a jail house Goof? A protective custody pedophile? I see
    you live in Canada, drop by for some physical attention anytime

  6. squibmix Viton E says:

    Yes Bentonite we also used to hold unstable compounds together for
    transportation. It acts by reducing friction and creates a cussioning
    effect on modified explosives such as pentaeurithrital tetrylnitrate. Whats
    realy funny are these wars on meth labs. Half these idiots working with
    acids are 50 percent into the modified explosives from Uncle Festers What
    not to Cook in your Kitchen. Great advice my friend and glad to see your
    not booted like Douglas Bickford again. DanDbroadcasting.

  7. Nigel S. Threwlys says:

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    verão que surgirá o nome do meu site (Pena Jurídica, o website da redação
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  8. Slavestorms says:

    Sorry 2 hear Traditions like trust your government are deadly I think the
    best you can do for crap already in the body is lower the acid/meat intake,
    increase the alkali/veggies and fruits. Deep breathing with Jumping jacks
    or a rebounder help the lymphatic system pump the crap through and expel
    what it can. Don’t forget to include some strength training at the least a
    few times a month:-) Some forms of Bentonite clay apparently encapsulate
    heavy metals & carries them out of your body as well

  9. Slavestorms says:

    I sped this one up to 129% so it would fit into one upload. History repeats
    itself. Fear flu works on the frightened, confused and controlled
    populations. The Captain and crew of the slave ship earth are piloting
    spaceship earth into a bleak old world order military structured future..

  10. Slavestorms says:

    It’s impossible to carry on a conversation with someone that can’t form
    complete sentences & lives in a fantasy world where they imagine people to
    be what they want them to be As I said, if you think I’m fat then drop by &
    try to kick my ass I really don’t expect you to leave your house, most
    pedophiles spend their lives living in a fear fantasy dichotomy If you do
    drop by & I’m not home I go running Monday, Wednesday & Friday so just wait
    & I’ll be back to take care of you soon enough(‘.’)

  11. squibmix Viton E says:


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