How to Buy Apps/Games on Google Play Using Globe Prepaid/Postpaid

Check out NoypiGeek’s guide on purchasing Google Play Apps and making in-app purchases using Globe’s prepaid and postpaid service. For the full written tutorial here, check it here — http://www….

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  1. David John Teña says:

    +NoypiGeeks kuya paano po yun … Yung akin may nagpopop – up na ” Error
    retrieving information from server ” may load naman po ako pahelp po guys
    ???? ?

  2. Ashley Bunny says:

    ughh sana ganito din ung apple :(((?

  3. Julieta Dala says:

    dude pano bato gawin sa iphone (ios) na mga globe users, pls gawa ka video!?

  4. ProMaster LTU says:

    Can you sell the game after you buy it and get the money back?

  5. James Emmanuelle Galvan says:

    Hey +NoypiGeeks :) Can also buy some apps even I don’t have a globe acc.??

  6. StrikeTheCancel CrossFirePH says:

    Your mobile payment service isn’t available. Try again later or contact
    your mobile operator –> Plss Help Reply Fast NoyiGreeks Help eveyone?

  7. Lloyd Sumilhig says:

    Hi sir. Need po ba na my load kna idideduct nalang nila sa next mong load?
    Tnx in advance !?

  8. Arctic Dragon says:

    For me it is showing blank space under Payment Methods…. What to do??

  9. francis burnham says:

    Ayaw naman gumana sa tm ko. Nagload pko ng 1k anu ba yan?

  10. James Emmanuelle Galvan says:

    Hey +NoypiGeeks :) My phone is a unit from globe and I pay 499 monthly,if I
    buy some apps,does it add some charges to the value?? Please answer +
    NoypiGeeks ?

  11. Karisse Pono says:

    kahit ba hindi ka nakaplan pwede pa rin? kahit bago bili lng yung sim mo?
    reply pls. tysm?

  12. Zyrrus Sinsuat says:

    ah pre. sa pagkakaintindi ko pwede diba. ang tm load??

  13. tOy biTz says:

    Kelangan my load na kayo para hindi magHigh Risk ..?

  14. Atsong Abasola says:

    putang inang tutorial to. ang daming question dito paka bobo nito?

  15. rad lasty says:

    NOYPIGEEKS!!!! please reply magkano po ang ii-load nyo po?! Para maka
    install na po ako doon sa play store?!?

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