In newer credit and debit cards there is a RFID / NFC chip that allows you to use your card at stores without swiping the magnetic strip. It works by radio waves and is usually only good for…
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  1. C Rogers says:

    I think people forget the extreme improbability of getting ripped off by
    unauthorised purchases via RFID chip. Statistically, you’re much more
    likely to have someone look over your shoulder while you enter your PIN,
    and then mug you. We’ve had this tech in the UK for over 5 years now, and
    it’s never been a problem (online account hacking is much more of an issue,
    in fact). Moreover, RFID touch-pay is really convenient, and makes queue
    times for small items like coffee *much* faster. Not saying it can’t be
    done (clearly it can), but the probability of getting ripped off this way
    seems about as likely as tripping on the sidewalk and dying from the fall.
    Now you COULD stop that from happening by getting yourself a good crash
    helmet, but is it really worth wearing it all the time just in case??

  2. Georges Mathieu says:

    I would like to point out that this isn’t disabling. This is destroying the

  3. Sam Barrow says:

    In New Zealand there have been numerous cases of people inadvertently
    paying for other people’s purchases with wave pay. Solution? Just dril a
    3mm hole through the chip, job done.?

  4. Daryl Owen says:

    I ordered a Debit Card from WF Bank some time ago and discovered it had Pay
    Wave technology and so I ordered a new one and asked for one without the
    Pay Wave feature which they said they would gladly do and when it arrived I
    noticed the 3 digit number on the back of the card was ‘666’ and so I had
    to order yet a new one without the ‘666’ PIN# which means Personal
    Identification Number. My friends assured me that the number of the mark of
    the beast was something not tangible but I still was disturbed by it and
    insisted on a new one.
    I recommend going with a community credit union and always try to pay with
    check even when you know they aren’t going to accept them so that
    eventually they may come around.?

  5. hunterssports says:

    THATS why CASH is KING?

  6. Ákos Radványi says:

    It’s obvious if u cut the wire it will will kill the nfc tag, however it
    leaves a mark on the card, and it won’t be valid anymore (and any
    shopkeeper can recognize that…). Isn’t there a way to kill just the nfc
    feature without touching the card at all? Eg. Via strong induction??

  7. tamsinthai says:

    Christ, you just love the sound of your own voice, don’t you. One word

  8. Chris Richardson says:

    However the cards that have a chip in pin cards can’t do this as it is
    under the metal chip, so sticking a hole in that will disable the chip
    too.. And that’s the one I have.. :(?

  9. Old Uncle Dave says:

    Wave the card, no need to input a PIN? Doesn’t seem very secure to me.?

  10. jonapsh says:

    Does anyone know, would you still be able to use it at a atm/cash machine
    once the rfid is disabled? Also would it effect chip & pin transactions? My
    bank in UK is trying to force me to have one of these cards and I’ve had a
    lot of arguements. I’ve no privacy issues, but I am very concerned over

  11. Frei Denker says:

    thanks patriot – I salute all who resist tyranny?

  12. Willie Squatpump says:

    Is this george bush talkin’??

  13. Gio Verde says:

    very interesting. This was very useful to me too. We have contactless over
    here in UK on the rail network as well as everywhere else. So it doesn’t
    matter which side of the card you tap, it still works. Not a big fan of
    this on the rail network here.?

  14. oldtimedrumcorps says:

    Capital One just sent me a new chip card to replace the one that had 3 more
    yrs to go.Called them, told them where they could stick their card. See how

  15. Kikoshi Baphomet says:

    would taping aluminum squares on each side of where the chip a better

  16. David Vernon says:

    I cannot find the chip on the new cards I’ve just received. I’ve shone a
    torch through the card but cannot locate the chip. Can anyone help with

  17. B0R0 says:

    You could also just use a drill.?

  18. The English German says:

    lol, you only had two modes of payment on your cards? I don’t live in the
    US so i’m not sure what its like there, but in Australia we have: Swipe,
    card insert (reads a chip) and NFC. No1 uses swipe anymore, most people use
    the chip reader, you dont get annoying miss reads. Also, before doing this
    you should check to see if your bank has an option to turn off yours cards

  19. Catwomanmn says:

    Doing this to all my cards!?

  20. riley mclaughlin says:

    or you could just wipe info?

  21. steve Kos says:

    so if someone has an rfid chip in them, all someone would have to do is jab
    them with a pointy letter opener where it’s implanted, and then it doesn’t
    work anymore, and then they’d have to go through the trouble of getting it
    taken out and then get another one implanted in them if they still want
    that type of thing inside of them? lol.?

  22. Alex Chalmers says:

    This was excruciating to watch dude get to it! My god ?

  23. crack61616 says:

    in our country(germany)the chip is fully visible.?

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