In this video we show you how to flash the Verizon MiFi 2220 from verizon to Verizon Prepaid to get unlimited 3G hotspot for .00 a month People are chargi…
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  1. Sam Mekkaoui says:

    +TK TECH NEWS i have a VirginMobile Mifi 2200 that was flashed to Verizon
    prepaid before I was kicked off. any additional steps or something special
    i need to do. i just wanted to know before i attempted this. ?

  2. hapakii says:

    No more audio after the music intro? It was working last week. Guess
    someone didn’t like you showing us how to do It ourselfs. Screw them and
    thank you. U are the best.?

  3. Sandra Brown says:

    sorry does work, first time did not have money on account that was the

  4. Frank Barraza says:

    Someone told me I would need cdma workshop for 4510L is correct?

  5. Frank Barraza says:

    Will this work with mifi 4510


  6. Sandra Brown says:

    its not working for me, and I use to flash all day long. I think they are
    putting a stop on this!?

  7. Victron Ambassador says:

    Were can I buy the tutorial for flashing my verizon 4620L??

  8. Jacob Allen says:

    Seems like they are throttling gusto now.

    Getting 0.15 mbps?

  9. MeLissa Green says:

    Is there a new SPC code? I am getting a bad spc value unlock failed error.?

  10. macky frederick says:

    Can I buy one from you?

  11. Skinny Man says:

    yea i tried on two of them wont work any more they dis something :(?

  12. Arif Chandani says:

    Verizon changed their daily plan and start to charge 0.99 cents for the web
    access, due to that reason all the mifi stopped working, any body out there
    with a solution??

  13. Ivan Levchuk says:

    Gusto 1 and 2 are no longer supported any one knows what prepaid phones
    work? ?

  14. Ronald Bernard says:

    Where can I get drivers for samsung schu356?

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