How to get 100% free 1 monthe subscription to XBL! Aks me if you need help.
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  1. aaronblackford12345 says:

    it dosen’t come up with that for me

  2. Tom Matt says:

    can you enter the same info as your actual account?

  3. cenrap58 says:

    Thanxz it works!

  4. Samson Menkerios says:

    do u have to get the update to do this?

  5. Seymore Buttes says:

    That was a hack of Combat Arms for PC…its free…check out my gameplay vid

  6. linneawable says:

    If i have a Live card and Active that, And get Another , Does i can log in
    on the same account then? Type like im Play cod Black ops, and Name
    KidDmAztEr do i can play on the same and have all the friends and the same

  7. halo3snipingspree328 says:

    still works

  8. Jim Daniil says:

    visit the site (just change the DOTS —> . )

  9. G00g284 says:

    im selling a 1 month and a 48 hour trial gold membership message me if you
    want to buy im ln the uk so idk if it works in the us

  10. Momo Flip says:

    this site has a list visit this 100% free just go to page
    wwwdotGetMyMicrosoftPointsdotcom/?i=297830 replace the DOT with a real ..

  11. SuperZazuzazu says:

    Get 12 months of xbox live for FREE!! Just go here!
    freexboxlivecard(.)weebly(.)co m

  12. trojan4yourmom says:

    I get all my months of live and microsoft points from here, works the best,
    hope it helps freelive4you(dot)weebly(dot)com

  13. Matt Edmonds says:

    that doesn’t work anymore

  14. RBfreak2010 says:

    Head here here for a free 12 month card of live, no generators or downloads
    needed freegamercards . tk

  15. irishlegendnumber8 says:

    dis dusnt werk anymore:/ yu jst hav teh pay:(

  16. LoveStuffFree says:

    I haven’t tried it but i did try a similar method to get free xbox live
    gold membership and it does work over and over so that’s why i keep using
    it, but i like to check ut other methods too cheers.

  17. thegamer403 says:

    how do you connect to the internet? i tried this and it never works.

  18. MrxEternalModZx says:

    GetMyMicrosoftPoints(dot)com/?i=158020 help me out by visiting and get ur
    code and do same

  19. crazycoolguy87 says:

    dude it happens every time u make a xbox live account is not a glich or
    secert it a free 1 month trial i know iv done it 10 times then they found
    out and they banned me

  20. agentjack100 says:

    i coudnt see what you did because you was shaking the camara to much =(

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