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    my is TL1945127

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    This takes forever

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  6. Sebastian W says:

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  7. SX2BEU says:

    enter my Invite Code (XR1919821).

  8. Suzanne Wachtel says:

    I would like to know more about how to cold-call rather than the rambling
    about motivation.?

  9. says:

    I just got to know about this new mlm launch from a very close friend of
    mine and I want your opinion on this Seems
    to be awesome !?

  10. Kim Willis says:

    great vids?

  11. charles cook says:

    No it’s not Primerica but it is great information for anyone in network

  12. Monstermack40 says:

    Is this primerica? ?

  13. Yan Bun says:

    Is this speech class……..?

  14. Tyler Bubolz says:

    Great video?

  15. sune3000 says:

    This is astoundingly stupid. ?

  16. nelson miles wilson says:

    that’s right brother break-out the jedi mind tricks.?

  17. Shawn Andrew Walker says:

    Awesome tips, thanks for the video.?

  18. billy jury says:

    Life’s full of lots of dream-stealers always telling you, you need to do
    something more sensible. I think it doesn’t matter what your dream is, just
    fight the dream-stealers and hold onto it.
    Bear Grylls?

  19. Anny Riveron says:

    Are you in Primerica??

  20. Robert Strong says:

    Great video Cesar, I can totally relate with being shy…..but your video
    really explains it pretty simply! Gives me a great idea on to do a video!
    Thank you so much!?

  21. Clarence Stinson says:

    You showed natualness and was down-to-earth in your video. You’re the real

  22. yurpaderp says:

    What’s a Vemma

  23. Cesar L. Rodriguez says:

    Thanks for the Props Raven! If you want to see my newest training check out
    my 7 Day Prospecting & Closing Training Series. Go to HeavyHitterBootCamp.
    com (Put that all together)

  24. vinoth929 says:

    very nice video, i will try to use the things u told.thx

  25. lakeishaclyde1 says:

    Excellent tips, thanks!

  26. 6624deri says:

    im not involved in the business you are but I must say this is a great
    motivational video and its def the truth!!

  27. Fredis Romero says:

    great ideas man!!! ima put it in practice asap

  28. Ravin Gill Joshua says:

    The real deal!

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