Modded cable boxes and Internet Get all channels locked with your exisiting cable box Heres how it works you will mail me your exisiting cable box, It will n…

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  1. John Conner says:

    I will email all of you today, My service requires u allready have an
    active cable box?

  2. blackops84321 says:

    When you say “mines” it’s really mine.!! Learn how to speak correctly. You
    sound uneducated and stupid. You even draw out your s’s. Your not cool.
    You’ve been turned in to comcast and your email as well. All the people who
    have been dealing with you will be traced through the emails. multiple
    changes will be filled against you and the other’s who have delt with you.
    Lawer up.?

  3. Cisco Padilla says:

    please email me?

  4. pacfolly says:

    Wow you pay for a lot of channels. Nice!?

  5. robert nipples says:

    Can you do the x1 boxes? and I used to be able to do this using a mod chip
    I could place inside the box without soldiering anything but it no longer
    works with the digital signal only the old analog..?

  6. warrior7772 says:

    At 0:15 you say “plug these wires up in the back right here”. What does
    that mean to plug wires UP? Do you mean plug these wires IN? At least speak
    intelligently while you’re ripping people off and stealing cable.?

  7. John Conner says:

    This is not a scam, You will be very happy with this mod. This will cost
    you about $275.00 per box mailed to me….. Email me ?

  8. Darren Burlingham says:

    i know its been almost a year, but maybe it still works?

  9. electricix says:


  10. Mike Knopoff says:

    You may think you are not stealing, you may be able to justify everyone
    else paying for your theft. The gov. gets involved not because you are
    breaking the law. Gov. doesn’t get the franchising fees and taxes etc. They
    will hunt you down.?

  11. Ryan Pangman says:

    Where do you send the money??

  12. Gary Kimrey says:

    I can sell you a bridge where you can setup toll gates and charge people,
    while you watch your free cable tv. Even if this is not a scam, it is a
    guaranteed ticket to a pound me in the ass prison sentence if you attempted
    it. Like TV that much??

  13. Karen Sullivan says:

    I’ll ask the same question at least one other person was intelligent enough
    to ask. “Has anyone purchased a black box from this guy and can confirm it
    works” ? I had a black box beginning in the 90’s and it was great. I
    received everything including pay per view. I had to keep basic cable for
    it to work and every so often it had to be reset by unplugging and plugging
    back in. I got mine for $175 and the guy actually came to my house to hook
    it up. Unfortunately it stopped working in 04 when the system went digital.
    I was under the impression that once the system went digital it was
    impossible to steal the signal any longer. Who knows though ? If it works
    it would pay for itself in a few months. I’m going to need a lot more
    information before I send my box and $350. I’m not asking for you to tell
    me how to do it for free but a little more info on how it works would be

  14. kelly berry says:

    anybody who believes this stand on your head and pray that the feds dont
    send anyone to jail?

  15. Edward Neild says:

    Yo how long do you guarantee it to work for?? I know it’s legit because
    I’ve had 4 boxes since 06 and they all just went out except for my internet
    box than good I still got that..I’m in Philly if your anywhere near me I
    would rather just come pick them up if that’s ok..and one other thing I
    never paid a cable bill in my life so your saying that we have to have the
    boxes in our name that’s weird if anything I wouldn’t want them in my
    name..I have lots of boxes now and are you going to put a new chip or
    whatever it are you going to just put in a new card in the digital boxes???
    Sorry for asking but the cards suck and I’m just want to know what I’m
    gettin before I put out my money you understand bro. I’m going to email you
    with my phone number?

  16. chilango Fresa says:

    I will Pau u?

  17. Max Dare says:

    Its been over 6 months. I wonder if he is still gstting ‘Free’ cable???

  18. Tedros gebregzabeher says:


  19. Michael Gardinier says:

    I have worked in cable for years and this is bull shit. The box he is
    showing is a 700 series 1 way box. Yes with these old ass boxes years ago
    you could trick the system, but with the B1crossover and everything being
    True 2 way( as far as the cable cards in the boxes) there is NO way to
    steal premium cable unless the box you have is linked to an account t with
    the proper codes.?

  20. Rodrigo Contreras says:

    John I got the cable box from comcast but they disconnected already can you
    activate with all channels??

  21. Leonardo David says:

    please email me with the solutuion skycontrol2011 G m a i l ?

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