In this video im going to show you how to get free gametime for World of Warcraft! No dowloads or surveys are needed!! I can promise you that this will work! Here is the link to the website:…

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  1. DivineYoma says:

    Only problem with this method is you end up downloading a shit ton of add
    ware and malware. Not bad if you know how to remove/avoid them but terrible
    if you don’t. Good way to get spam bombed by adds you have no control over
    if you know nothing about software…?

  2. Exde says:

    but..there is no reward for WoW… :O?

  3. Frost Lock says:

    +Fluro CG If you think you can get wow gametime for free for absolutely no
    work you are wrong. You have to work for it man. The reason why i share
    this video is because I was like you. I wanted gametime for free without
    doing anything. But after many years i realised you cant get it for free
    instantly. And this is the best method i have found so far.?

  4. comihuwaLOL says:

    “You already have an account or someone has already signed up from your
    location.” This showed up when I tried to sign up FOR THE FIRST TIME. I
    don’t get the second one, you mean, I have to be the first one to sign up
    from a location???

  5. Linus Ohlsson says:

    This is BullShit?

  6. TheFierceDeity says:

    Registration was surprisingly quick and easy! Problem is, it takes FOREVER
    to get enough points. Happy that it gives you the OPTION to take surveys!
    Takes a long time but gets the job done. Thanks dude!?

  7. zee muradi says:

    wow You need surveys or points this helps alot :(?

  8. Ice Brick Gaming says:

    lol blur it faster his email is obvious. but since im a nice guy i wont
    tell it :)?

  9. MeepingGummiBear says:

    WAY too hard to get the points for that..?

  10. Ryan Rakow says:

    I have your email.
    Fail man. I gonna post sign up with spam :D?

  11. Dovydas Lat says:

    Its cost so much points?

  12. jarrett stiles says:

    I am afraid it will have some hidden virus.?

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