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This video contains a description of the impact of the Legal Services Act 2007 and the SRA Handbook (see…

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  1. Lily says:

    basically you’re working for him.. he gets paid when you do survey, so its
    not entirely ‘free’?

  2. WoW Bonus Armor says:

    worked for me and my brother!!?

  3. killerdead43 says:

    i reckon this is legit, gonna try it out!?

  4. cristian elver says:

    he helped me! believe it or not?

  5. Eduardo García Tutos says:

    great tutorial bro!?

  6. ??????? ?????????? says:

    cool! im a step ahead of my friends :3!?

  7. Linda Ellis says:

    i find this hard to believe?

  8. Dee Kay says:

    someone has tried this? replied me pls!?

  9. ????? ????? says:

    you earned a subscriber! thank you?

  10. alfred alcantar says:

    nice vid trusty guy…?

  11. ????? ???????? says:

    a mi me funcion??

  12. Alex Fiesta says:

    mmmm… i will try this tomorrow.?

  13. FIA 15 says:

    Does this really work??

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