How To Get Free Riot Points (RP) In League Of Legends – Legal! – No Jailbreak! – Free! Once again that link you need it – ?Like this video? Subscribe today!: https://www.y…

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  1. Joshua Gordon says:

    omg this works!!! ty?

  2. Rox Gaming says:

    I dont see any league of legend cards :(?

  3. Momo Mono says:

    Wow i watched this video a few mins ago and im already at 600 points o.o?


    you get the amazon gifts cards then u can buy rp from amazon?

  5. Juice Box says:

    Doesn’t work in all countries?

  6. AleheroGaming says:

    I made the mistake of spending my credits on Clash of Clans. XD?

  7. Extreme City says:

    WTF??!?!? Riot Caitlyn skin? Never seen Riot Cait skin :/?

  8. Luis Cae says:

    Nick there’s no apps. …?

  9. johnny uriostegui says:

    Ive been doing this for like a year lol?

  10. Lukas Wiesbrock says:

    Does this work on euw ???

  11. Pane Parakeov says:

    Soooooo you must pay for this????????

  12. Petar Mihali? says:

    why is lol card not available??

  13. Nalzeye Movies says:

    4th post!?

  14. Vinicius Rocha says:

    Does it work??

  15. aaroadkill2732 says:

    Thanks for showing this now i will spend more time on this than league XD?

  16. Ethan Tsea says:

    will my credits stay when I delete the app??

  17. Akira Myuki says:

    ermagerd this actually works?

  18. nickatnyte2 says:
  19. GodOfGamer says:

    +nickatnyte gaming Can you gift me RP? ?

  20. Pawel3160 says:

    It says switch to safari when I try to get started?

  21. HhhDGaming MCW says:

    trust me !?

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