This is a great method to get free Runescape membership. Without doing those bullshit surveys! Rain- from http://www.myy…
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  1. kumardev316 says:

    i did this way but for wizard 101 not runescape and i also want to thank
    you for this idea?

  2. bernardo baptista says:


  3. dennis r. says:

    This way works i got like 6 free monds form this?

  4. gabe95333 says:

    hey Look its work The dislike button works?

  5. brandon lim says:

    hey is it ok for you to help me get a pin? i already have a phone numb used
    in yearbook to verify my account.. thanks man:)

  6. Brandon Timms says:

    there is no free way to get runescape or any type of membership for almost
    any game because before you buy the membership on the card it will say this
    code will not activate untill u buy the membership card.

  7. Alica Morris says:

    You may follow this methods to obtain this gift card. Step 1: take a look
    at or search “grazygiftcards” on the search engines Step 2: Locate on
    grazygiftcards website Step 3: Choose your gift card and simply claim it
    Keep in mind you must participate on the site merely by filling the actual
    required information and so forth., to prevent yourself from difficulties
    in making a claim your gift card.

  8. FusionPredz says:

    lol good job but what email do you do to add all the contacts?

  9. jacki says:

    “whoring” ? “whore” is a noun not verb lol

  10. de tech guy says:

    look.. there is no paybyphone shit!

  11. DovahChap says:

    What is, your comment, your username or your grammar?

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