This is a really great way to get rid of your junk mail – purchase a paper shredder that you can stick an enveloper directly into the shredder without ever r…

Doug Riddle explains how to use AFV to settle debts like mortgages, credit cards, taxes and more. To listen to this entire call and other like it go to Youha…
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  1. William Fonseca says:

    Wow you are drop dead gorgeous.

  2. John Stenson says:

    If you’re going to put your fingers into the mechanism to clear it, PLEASE
    disconnect from the power FIRST

  3. Masseyseal says:

    If you still have the old one, you should run it in reverse until it
    officially gives up the ghost. And more shredding videos. It looked like
    you had fun:)

  4. Imati WhatTF says:

    sad everyone want money for info that should be free, very sad?

  5. Rhonda Brethorst says:

    Ogden, Utah I am assuming, Convengton, and DC?

  6. Michael Zimmermann says:

    Does AFV work in Canada??

  7. Michael Zimmermann says:

    Cliff Yablonski. I know for a FACT that your signature creates the “money”
    but that wasn’t my question was it. ?

  8. YANAMization says:

    it did not work at all.

  9. miguel thecreditor says:

    What Irs office did you send it to?

  10. eusidmusic says:

    Trying to find this out too. My understanding is no so far. Anybody can

  11. Chester Copperpot says:

    Host needs to learn how to turn off his mic and STFU

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