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  1. Richard Jones says:

    Ive been living off my PayPal card since 2009 lol. I actually bought my car
    with my PayPal card… you also get CASH BACK with this card, I think he
    forgot to mention that part. PayPal takes 3% of your money when it comes to
    them, with this card you get 1.5% back I believe is the number. But only
    when you run it as CREDIT! Never run it as debit, it costs you that 1.5%?

  2. rocktheheaters says:

    This guy sounds like Samuel L. Jackson ?

  3. sheree kiplinger says:

    Richard do u hafta be out of your 90 days….????

  4. Larry Burch says:

    Thanks for the tip. I added it to my Ebay tips and favorites. Always
    learning from you my friend.?

  5. Brad R. Pickens says:

    Got one love it?

  6. JLathon says:

    This is exactly why I like your channel. I thought this was obvious but
    it’s not. Lots of people have paypal but not the debit card. Keep giving us
    those details that make the difference!?

  7. Michael Stone says:

    With the PayPal debit card it is like a second checking account. I love
    mine dearly!?

  8. elteflon1 says:

    Hey Richard love your videos they help me out so much. I have a question
    for you. I have a listing up using the global shipping program and I
    received an offer and the shipping on the offer says expedited
    international. Is that something the global shipping program pays or do I
    have to? I appreciate your time and help thank you.?

  9. basilmmm says:

    FYI Richard, Unfortunately this is not available here in Canada for PayPal,
    don’t know why but it sure would be a lot easier than waiting for transfers
    all the time, come on eBay get with the times up here in Canada we use
    debit all the time.?

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