– Learn exactly how to go Executive Director in Legal Shield prospecting with Facebook. No buying leads. No chasing family …
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  1. Villanawaffer04 says:

    Heard Legal Shield was a SCAM, pyramid scheme.?

  2. erik lizar says:

    LOVE LEGAL SHIELD!!! went to the convention last month in Vegas, where I
    live, and had signed up only a couple weeks before that event! I FSQ in 3
    weeks and working towards getting associate manager! this is so awesome!
    loving the income, part time, that I have received in only 2 months!?

  3. Darius Spencer says:

    Bro, you really hit the nail on the head when you said: “People join
    people. They don’t join companies.” Amen. Very well said. ?

  4. Deborah L says:

    Thanks for sharing! Real, down-to-earth recommendations…?

  5. Bid Rollers says:

    Legal Shill was named after a dollar upgrade plan after failed prepaid
    elegal died off nyse. They have a history of being sued in the past and
    getting in trouble with the gov. That’s a fact just in case you diseased
    thespians decide to attack us. Ooops you can’t because we blocked you
    losers from responding.?

  6. ThreeSixteen says:

    You look like Ant from the movie ATL lol. Nice video.?

  7. Kathryn Bectiegn says:

    Having a strong stream of income in today’s economy is a “no brainer”…

    But if you don’t have leads coming in chances are your stuck…


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