If you wanna know how to pre-order some games without paying money subscribe like and share and then I will tell you in private message.btw thumps up for my …
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  1. zombieman297REBORN says:

    but you will be charged on release date?

  2. Jay hills says:

    No u should download them the proper way then when it says renew license
    download it again just don’t wait to renew license when the game is
    realesed do it before time and if u have ps4 u can go on system setting and
    renew license their ?

  3. shiv ster says:

    I just got a free PSN code from freepsncodes{dot}ccI?

  4. saani wallace says:

    is that the quatar glitch??

  5. Tom1999ist says:

    It says a server error has occurred ( HTTP Status Code: 404)?

  6. Proatcod10 says:

    Fagget stealing other ppls glitches and saying it’s his gatar / uk glitch ?

  7. allinonethegreat says:

    I’m waiting on Watch Dogs and Spider-Man 2?

  8. pingod123 says:

    Lol read it mate expect payment by this date lol?

  9. game wizard says:

    this isnt a glitch you will have to renew the license for the game witch
    means you will have to pay for them?

  10. Stanley Hlatshwayo says:

    my ps3 does not work bitch?

  11. Momic123 says:

    Fake no Lizenz !!

  12. OriginalTheElsonMr says:

    can someone gameshare cod ghosts with me? I have minecraft!
    Add: TemMeR1998
    I gotta go 1st because i got hacked twice!?

  13. Brandon Pizarro says:

    I just sucerbired u can u teach me that glitch so I can per order destiny
    the game?

  14. Momic123 says:

    No mony no Lizenz ?

  15. Tyrone Bennett says:

    Plz tell me I subscribed…..sent me a massage on how to do it.?

  16. Niks Kordjukovs says:

    for play a full version of watch dogs start play the game renew license
    close game and download again?

  17. hamudi ibrahim says:

    can you play the games ? ?

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