Eyelid surgery, eyelid tape, contacts to make your eyes look bigger, plastic surgery to add more to your nose and make the bridge a little bigger… Voila. Y…
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  1. yujil da says:

    all the asian women do it,their eyes are so ugly before makeup?

  2. Tamino Todorovic says:


  3. Noelia Rodriguez Plaza says:

    I think the one with blue contacts is so cute without makeup, and also with

  4. Born Hater says:

    They were just showing their exaggerated reactions towards the girls, but
    they weren’t saying anything hurtful towards them, so it’s fine, since I
    can understand Chinese. Though, I want to point out something. You know the
    “woman” host with the short hair wearing black? Yeah, she’s a man.?

  5. Akira Kairi says:

    I’m impressed. These girls had the guts to demonstrate their makeup skills
    on TV. Though perplexing how different they look, they’re not actually
    ‘ugly’ as some ppl suggest but pretty ‘normal’ and makeup boosts their
    confidence by a trillion. Even without makeup, they’re able to joke around
    and laugh. They’re confident of themselves. Honestly, these girls were
    great. ?

  6. allar990 says:

    why having double eyelid is so important for asian people??

  7. Christopher McMurray says:


  8. momokokochuchuchu says:

    i thought the 2nd girl was pretty without make up too?

  9. Flower girl says:

    Why? They looked so pretty without makeup, why do they think putting on
    thick fake lashes and double eyelids are so pretty? I thought they looked
    really cute without makeup…
    :( just my opinion?

  10. sassydiva93 says:

    the host looks like Kris Jenner?

  11. Burning Panda MilkShake HD says:

    2:46…this person in black…is it a guy…or a girl…?

  12. Mariana R. Montemayor says:

    All thumb down are for eastern asian angry people.?

  13. cynthiadustdevil says:

    These show people are so mean, deliberately degrading the girls without
    make up and making a huge deal out of it with all of the reaction. This is
    the exact reason why there’s so much insecurity in girls, forcing them to
    put on a mask just to feel comfortable in public. ?

  14. Chris H. says:

    I dont knwo man.. I like Asians because of their natural beauty and the
    eyes catch me first.. no need to blow up your eyes..My wife is Filipina and
    her eyes are naturally big but they are piercing..makes me go wild <3 ?

  15. Mai Oia says:

    Wow…the amount of ignorance in the comments is just ridiculous. Tbh,
    these girls looked good without all the dolly make-up. ?

  16. camila aravena says:

    Se ven mejor sin maquillaje, con el parecen extraterrestres.?

  17. Ashley Kang says:

    Seriously who cares if Asians don’t have a natural beauty on their looks,
    in my opinion everyone is beautiful in their own ways. I just wish that
    some people would fucking stop saying Asian eyes are ugly because it’s not.
    Apparently it’s not their fault for being born Asian with small eyes. It’s
    just how life is…girls in every other worlds wants to be beautiful and
    put make up on because they felt like it. I’m done. Sorry for my bad
    English :P?

  18. FVNT0M IIX says:

    I’m asian with small eyes. My mom tries to convince me to get an
    double-eyelid surgery, but I don’t wanna do it. Yes, sometimes the small
    eyes affects my confidence (ex: I don’t like to take pictures cus I know
    they come out ugly), but I think that’s part of who I am and that makes me
    unique. Why should I make my eyes look big like every other person and have
    zero personality? Honestly, I have seen caucasians or africans with small
    eyes, and that’s perfectly fine with them. Why asian culture have to force
    kids with small eyes to feel bad about it? Be proud of who you are :)?

  19. Bo Oaia says:

    Only becomes racism issue if the Caucasian tries to make his eyes chinky
    like the Chinese. But NOT when it’s the other way around. Hmmmm.?

  20. Whorded says:

    It’s sad to see women get plastic surgery for bigger boobs, ass, and wear
    makeup for men. All it does is make you more depressed and waste more

  21. Sherlock Holmez says:

    this tv-show uses way to many soundeffects lol?

  22. e r says:

    Not all asia like these, indonesian and phillipines unlike this, well most
    of us has natural double eyelids though…?

  23. Angelini Rose says:

    THEY FEEL A BIG ADMIRATION FOR US, kpop sounds like american music, jpop
    like european music, anime characters looks like latin and white people,
    koreans dress like americans, japaneses like europeans?

  24. Onemore Kor. says:

    Taiwan is a colony of Japan kk?

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