How To Unlock Blackberry Curve - Learn How To Unlock Blackberry Curve Here !

Click Here: ? How To Unlock Blackberry Curve This quick video will show you the fastest and best way to know how To Unlock Blackbe…
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  1. chris martin says:

    scam lol?

  2. cats says:

    donde ha de salir en blanco, para escribir M E P 2 me sale el emai de mi

  3. klip klop says:

    ove just been scammed thanks?

  4. Warren Jenkin says:

    i dropped my blackberry in the swimming pool it wasnt on there for a second
    and i put it in rice and it goes on any every thing but wen i lock it it
    cant unlock again then i have to reboot the whole phone !! HELP !! :(?

  5. moegsien jacobs says:


  6. Jamie Stanton says:


  7. Pronto7852 says:

    Thanks, I got unlock code from ATT and used this method to unlock my

  8. Louise Marshall says:

    I don’t see the cost anywhere.?

  9. Jody Billings says:

    Some Blackberry’s are locked with more then one code. Your site seems to
    only give one code. There are in fact 5 potential codes MEP 1 through 5. In
    Canada many Bell Blackberrys are locked with MEP2 and MEP4. If I order a
    code for a Bell Blackberry do you provide both codes ??

  10. Mohamed Awwad says:

    u can visit this trust website with no worries of that and nothing is free
    but we are cheaper than others and the same of networks prices just com on
    and try and never forget to leave us a comment

  11. rachel blackman says:

    hi there! i followed your procedure, but the alt + mep2 function isn’t
    working for me on my bold 9000?

    thank you!! ?

  12. phartypantz says:

    How much does it cost in uk?

  13. PHILMORE100 says:


  14. dayna rose says:

    How long till the code comes in my email ? Because I still haven’t got mine

  15. hFmjluva578 says:

    in the video it says from 1-30 min

  16. Eggoo01 says:

    Porque el mio no dice sim card!!!?

  17. Philippe Lassonde says:


  18. UnlockRiver says:

    Thank you for your comment! Im glad your blackberry is now unlocked :)

  19. UnlockRiver says:

    @emejota867 El codigo mep es un codigo de desbloqueo para tu blackberry.
    Este codigo lo intresas a tu Blackberry para desbloquearlo. Luego podras
    utilizar tu Blackberry con cualquier tarjeta sim de cualquier pais. El
    valor de tu BB aumenta, lo podras revender a un mejor precio. Tengo un
    video en espaƱol. Puedes verlo en mi canal de youtube. Saludos!

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