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In this video we show you how to add a credit card payment method to an existing customer record in the Customer Data Manager.
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  1. Karthikeyan S says:

    Great post. Thanks for the video . It was of great help to me . ?

  2. byron lopez says:

    Widefide! i’ve been following your videos and it’s cool but non of them
    helped me. i just wanna ask if this works on bb 9220? And if not how do you
    think i can use free internet on it? i’m from philippines?

  3. daniel lika says:

    Thank you!?

  4. Sachin Singh says:

    great man it works !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  5. kasun ruwanga says:

    lolls u can used BB without BIS … but haven’t u seen it
    its not hsdpa / 3g /gprs / its” edge “?

  6. raja yaswanth says:

    whats app messages are not going in my bold 9780 by using normal data plans
    plzz help mee??? iam using airtel sim???

  7. Nikhil. Pendu says:

    how login bbm id help me… and not working opera, uc , modal numbar bb

  8. Ankit Thakur says:

    its nt working on BB torch 9800?

  9. S F syed says:

    XCLNT….. it works………BB world also worked in torch 9800.. thanx

  10. Pravu M says:

    Awesome!!! I was stuggling for the past 1 month… thanks a ton ?

  11. Aneliq Petkova says:

    It works !!!!!?

  12. Sampreet Jassi says:

    i am unable to use this on my bb 8520 even after doing all the setting
    kindly hepl me?

  13. Anupam Singh says:

    BBM is not working ;(?

  14. RED Thunder says:


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