HOW TO CREATE A SHIPPING LABEL USING PAYPAL VIDEO AT:*** The story so far: Jill gets dumped by her blonde boyfriend and is stuck with only with an unwanted cell phone contract and the thr…

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  1. kevin valencia says:

    When I send someone money does it go to there bank or can only be use via
    Paypal like they can’t transfer the money pay pal to there bank ?

  2. henry lopez says:

    Can someone send money to my PayPal account with a bank check?

  3. jojorobino5312 says:

    What if I use neither a prepaid card or a verified account? can I still
    accept payments??

  4. BunnyyXBL says:

    my friend sent me money, it says “payment status: marked as paid” but 24h
    passed and nothing… does the diferent currency means anything or even
    sending diferent currencys ($ -> €) takes more time???

  5. josefbrian pino says:

    I think it does not work nowadays check paypal, what they require are the
    To (email or mobile phone)
    Amount (CAD canadian dollars)
    What are you sending money for?
    -I’m paying for goods or services
    -I’m sending money to family or friends

    * take note that the option ( Purchase and Personal ) are now gone, what
    should i do?? anyone can help??

  6. Joan Laws says:

    Thank you, your video answered my question. Appreciate it. ?

  7. Typical Tom says:

    Should have paid her for “services” ;)?

  8. Mike Mathisen says:

    If you have a verified account as a seller and you sell someone goods would
    you have to pay a fee??

  9. John Locke says:

    did you use a toaster to record this??

  10. Elana watchman-tapp says:

    Great video.
    Good video. great
    video.If anyone wants daily/weekly pay go here.very honest and it
    crazy ongoing monthly leads as you need.quick cash
    continue to pay out directly to you.?

  11. manny berry says:

    Thank you for posting this ?

  12. Darren Dunn says:

    Its ridicolous waiting time for you get your money hope lots custumers see
    this message think paypal was an american idea enough said?

  13. Aaron Orozco says:

    Do you recommend it PayPal because I won’t to seal my art paint on eBay ?

  14. Simon Adamec says:

    I receaved money on paypal but isays it will be add to blanace after 24hour
    and i had bern like 40hour and nothing happen?

  15. Icy Paw says:

    RI’m sorry to say this but paypal really sucks, it’s giving lots of problem
    when I try to purchase an item on ebay, and I don’t get it why must ebay
    use paypal? Every single time when I try to purchase an item, I tried to
    purchase it using my paypal account but it says that my debit card is
    giving problem (WTF) and when I want to withdraw my money from PayPal the
    fees are freaking 20.00, so now I have to pay money for taking back my
    money for my credit card?! Help anyone. :”(?

  16. Romeo Prince says:

    i sent some money to this girl who was going to show me how to dance online
    live but she never came on. what should i do??

  17. Håkon Sl says:

    Can someone help me? I got a refund, but i cant find the money! Where is
    it? Its not on the paypal accunt! Does it need time to transfer the money??

  18. talcum powder says:

    CAN we cash the money ??

  19. JunnyTheAss Bunny says:

    hi, thx for the tutorial
    i sold some stuff to a random guy & so he sended me the money but 7 hours
    later i still dont have it, is that possible? or did he scam me?
    i asked him why it took that long & he said thats because it comes from his
    bank account, pls help?

  20. mommygene666 says:

    I have never been able to grasp the whole concept of cell phone contracts
    in the first place. With land line phones, you don’t have to go through
    that whole contract crap. So, why should one have to go through that whole
    contract crap with cell phones? Why should cell phones be different? I
    think that whole contract concept is very very Jewish! Wern’t they told six
    million times already that their crap won’t be put up with any longer?

  21. Greatuser says:

    Very funny clip and a nice service.

  22. badermunir says:

    9/11 inside job

  23. cheqitout123 says:

    This is an awesome idea!

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