How to Use the BLOG BEAST to dominate your local market and explode your business In this video I’m going to share with you How to use the BLOG BEAST and the ‘Triangle of Attraction’ to dominate your lo…

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  1. Samantha Studebaker Carl says:

    How to Use the #blogbeast to Dominate your Local Market and Explode your
    business from online!

    How to use the *Triangle of Attraction* in conjunction with the BLOG BEAST
    to dominate your local or even regional market and explode your business
    online, all without spending more than a couple extra hours a week. AND it
    will cost you WAAAAY less than traditional advertising methods such as
    yellow book ads, direct mail campaigns, bill boards, or newspaper ads.

    In order for people to become excited to do business with you, you must
    first create a *Triangle of Attraction* in your marketing campaigns.

    In the video, I share with you the three marketing elements that attract
    people to do business with you or as I call it the ‘Triangle of
    Attraction’, the exact steps you need to take in order to create those
    marketing elements, and why the BLOG BEAST is an important part of your
    marketing equation.

    Because I am a retired professional pet groomer and salon owner I used a
    pet grooming business to demonstrate multiple examples of exactly how to
    use these methods.

    However this method will work for nearly any kind of business from carpet
    cleaners, auto shops, restaurants, and accountants, to Mary Kay, Prepaid
    Legal, and AmWay reps. Or anything in between.

    When you are ready to take action and start using this strategy to begin
    building your marketing campaign online, click this link and get registered
    to be grandfathered into the new BLOG BEAST.

    #petgroomer #petsalon ?

  2. Robin Foster says:

    Samantha, Thanks for another great video.

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