As a provider of affordable credit repair, we get asked a lot of questions re…
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  1. Justin Johnson says:

    Why wouldn’t I dispute it online? Experian has a online dispute link. ?

  2. Antwon Webb says:

    Quick question say if I have 5 accounts do I put all 5 accounts on 1 letter
    of dispute or do I separate each account by its individual letter of the
    dispute. thanks in advance

  3. Kuwane Turner says:

    I know, right? Lmbo

  4. danz409 says:

    wow. one that sounds legit. doesn’t sound like a shark out to get your
    money. and makes since! Thank you! ill try this. if i do need services i
    know where to go!

  5. k1ruffo says:

    hahaha i wasn’t expecting a laugh out of this vid

  6. Cruzan9 says:

    This was good and to the point. Loved the sad story example! It sort of
    reminded me of a country song. 😉

  7. Joe B says:

    Consumers – please listen to 2:09 – 2:40, because he is correct. On the
    letters I see come into my company, the majority of those, get a “can”
    response letter back.

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