Question by RD: I have been billed for a year for a recurring pet care plan at the tune of 31.95. I just noticed it.?
I only took my kitten once last year 1/2/12. I save all my pets paperwork when they visit the vet. I dug through the paper work and sure enough, was an unsigned pet wellness plan that automatically renews each year. I want a refund for the entire amount they have been taking out of account. Clearly, they added this on and put it in the paper work. What are my chances legally? They typed up a contract and typed my name. But of course, it is not signed and dated because I did not ask for it. They even have the wrong name for my kitten. Her name is Trixie and they put Trick. I have prepaid legal and will have them write them on my behalf.But first I want to call in the morning and ask for a refund.
I never took her except that one time. It was an account tied to my student loan refund that I only use in emergencies. I logged in to update my information to receive my refund this semester. In fact, I tried to take another to the exact same branch and they refused to see him because they were closing in five minutes. I raised hell on their facebook page, called corporate and they said they were sending a new practice manager to fix the many problems at that branch.

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Answer by Little Princess
If they don’t have a copy of where you agree to it, your chances should be good. The problem that you’re going to have is that you let it sit there and keep going for a year without doing anything.

Was there an instance during the year when you took your cat to the vet again without taking advantage of this pet care thing? That would help to bolster your argument that you were unaware of this thing.

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