Query by donnazor: I prepaid 00.00 for an “recognition” seminar that I was not capable to attend. Is there a way to get a refund?
The pre-payment was “non-refundable” though I did not know it at the time. The firm (PSI) has not supplied me with a copy of the document that they say I signed (even though I have requested for it). I experimented with to get an individual to require the seminar in my place, which was allowable, but the business stored “changing the policies” and eventually alienated my supposed substitution. I have copies of the e-mail exchanges of this failed energy to recoup my funds. I have prepared a number of letters (the last a single sent accredited mail) and am just getting dismissed. They have made no try at even hoping to work out a compromise solution. Do I have any authorized recourse? If tiny promises courtroom (California) is an option, are punitive damages applicable? I truly feel ripped off by a company that I believed had some degree of principle (consciousness seminars???). What are my possibilities?

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Reply by Steve E
You want a attorney. I question that the solutions you are in search of will be discovered listed here.

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