Question by Afro_Diggy_Act: i want to work in a law firm….?
ok, i live in amarillo….(just thought you should know :) …) and im looking for a new job, and ive been thinking….maby i should work in a lawfirm, you know as and intern or housekeeping…mostly intern…..

Well, i dont know of a place here in amarillo (i dont get out much, im only 18, no car) SO… i looked the place up in the phone book…couldnt find an exact place EXCEPT there was somthing called: Legal Forms… and it was called ABC Forms…then it had a number.. And in another phone book there was one labled: Legal Servs Plans…what is that?

well my question is, is that an actual law firm? or is it a connection to other law firms…or what is it…? i couldnt find anything else in the phone book related to lawfirms, or even lawyers…. a little help here? how can i get incontact with a law firm….

please dont make me feel stupid….. :) thanks!
oh, well i found attorneys…but besides that and other things ive said that’s it…

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Answer by jack spicer
law firms will be listed under the attorney section. you could also look at the texas bar association web page & find firms.

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