Question by Shawn: I was wandering if I even now have to pay a visitors ticket for dead inspection sticker?
I was pulled over in VA for a dead inspection and I lost the ticket that the officer gave me. I went in and advised them my identify to prepay and they stated that I wasn’t in the program. I ultimately identified the ticket so I went again and they nevertheless advised me I wasn’t in the laptop or computer. Finally they figured out that the officer experienced spelled my previous identify improper. I missed my court day since of this error and they are stating that I’m nevertheless liable. Is there any legal steps that I can consider to get out of this ticket?

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Answer by davidmi711
To get out of it? No. You require to pay out it now. You missed your court docket day, that was when you experienced the possibility to “get out of it”. If you were unable to pay the ticket the correct thing would have to absent to your court docket date.

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