Iain Sinclair Cardsharp folding credit card knife

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  1. jg-X says:

    Pretty cool, don’t think i’d ever carry it since there’s always pocket
    knives, but still great for knife collectors and for show. Only thing is
    someone’s comment made me realize this is the perfect terrorist knife,
    thank god for air Marshals.?

  2. TheHomelessSonsENT says:

    There is nothing wrong with the plastic handle, its not like your going to
    be chopping trees down with it, its used as a last ditch effort in self
    defense or survival. Its an awesome knife, got mine come in in the mail.
    Great Video as well very detailed.?

  3. mr.vrzsa says:

    Nice video?

  4. DAVIDSDIEGO says:

    Great video! Did the 1st generation premiere in 2011? I have the CardSharp
    2 and I just found out the new versions premiered a few days ago.?

  5. Sour Diesel says:

    Imgur brought me here

  6. Kyle O'Connor says:

    @miguelfronteras1 You have to think about the purpose of the knife. It’s
    not meant for heavy duty stuff, it’s more of a last-ditch utility knife.
    Metal doesn’t bend so easily and hinges would only increase the thickness
    of it. Also, the weight of having an all metal handle would add some
    weight. Carbon fiber isn’t exactly cheap either. A plastic handle for this
    is perfect. I’ll admit, I also expected an all-metal knife, but I
    understand why they chose plastic.

  7. Cpt. Steve French says:

    whys everyone hating on it >.>. its only 13$

  8. Luke England says:

    Do you have to have a concealed carry license for this?

  9. michael borders says:

    @auradud3 Yes, unfortunately I preordered it thinking it would be something
    more substantial. luckily it was only $25 US.

  10. Lazy Lizard Gear says:

    Thanks for doing the video, I was very curious about this thing.

  11. michael borders says:

    i haven’t used it since I bought it!

  12. CatFinder3000 says:

    There’s a 2nd version out that’s alot more sturdy

  13. gonzal05 says:

    so disappointing …. cheap plastic :/

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