Do you find yourself at the wrong end of fraudulent behavior with an IRS refund check? Take heart from the fact that you are not the only victim. The cases of identity theft are on the rise and it is costing the Internal Revenue Service pretty penny. From this year onwards, the revenue services are implementing stringent regulations to prevent the thieves from playing havoc with taxpayer’s money. How successful these measures are going to be only time will tell. One estimate indicates that over $1million is missing from the cumulative pocket of the taxpayers because of fraudulent refund claims.

What Can You Do?

Now the question may arise that what a regular taxpayer can do to get the check refunds they deserve and stay clear of identity theft. The only way to go about it is to remain aware of the dangers lurking and staying protected from such thieves by being extra cautious. The media are constantly requesting the common people to utilize measures that can keep your personal information, as it should be, that is completely private. You can come across messages on the radio, television, and in the online medium.

A better understanding of the problem can help towards the creation of awareness and for cutting out the work of the identity thieves.

Problems dogging the identity theft issues

In spite of the introduction of newer measures to combat theft identity, a majority of these cases go scot-free. The reason for this lies with the dated IRS fraud detection systems as well as the ingenious methods, which the thieves use. For every fraud case that the IRS identifies, others remain undetected and sadly, there is no way to deal with those.

The identification of the thieves is also a major issue, unless there is a case to pursue, it is impossible to know about the culprit. Knowing about the identity of the thieves is an elaborate process. It can be a single person assuming the identity of numerous people or individual culprits working on their own. While it may be possible to seize the latter frauds, getting to the former group of schemers is a difficult task indeed.

In order to make the system of getting the refunds to the taxpayer increasingly full proof, IRS is using more and more numbers of screening filters. Moreover, in the coming years it is planning to tighten up the noose on the identity thieves to a higher degree.

What the common people can do?

By being aware of the problem and safeguarding their individual identities to a higher degree, the public can help combat the identity theft issue. Never carry the Social Security card around, it works like a beacon to the identity thieves. In addition, it is necessary to guard the financial information in such a manner to keep it completely personal. Annual credit report checking and avoiding the unsolicited e-mails are other desirable measures.

Do not let the identity thieves beat you to your own IRS refund check!!! Turn into a cautious citizen instead.

Christina Davis

CPA at Large

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