Hi this is a report on the new law that has went into effect and will be enforced starting today, 1/26/2013. It is now illegal in the U.S. for anyone to unlo…

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  1. myst3que Mobile Road Warriors says:


  2. wardope says:

    gotta say. you are an awesome computer programmer. you used to change Ip
    adresses. What a fucking joke are you..

  3. myst3que Mobile Road Warriors says:

    I agree

  4. myst3que Mobile Road Warriors says:

    I totally agree… Just another way to cripple free choice in the so called
    free continent

  5. marlon vallejo says:

    ha ha ha ha usa people pay rent every month ja ja ja in my country many
    people who get a little money in work dont pay rent we are free but usa are
    ugly nasty ganster drug kill people every day check los angeles time new
    york time texas news miami news chicago news everyday shooting gun people
    that is fucking america ja ja ja ja in my country who has gun go to the
    jail is ilegal have any gun in my country chile we has food free food
    natural food in america can food ja ja ja ja

  6. myst3que Mobile Road Warriors says:

    It’s usually more applicable to gsm devices(AT&T ,Tmobile,simple mobile,net
    10, SIM card) and if its unlocked you can pretty much use it with a variety
    of carriers and globally.

  7. Sam Firth says:

    In the uk a lot of smartphones are already unlocked to any network this has
    got to be the most stupidest law I’ve ever heard..I thought the UK
    government were bad till I saw this!!

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