Question by A: i’m a girl and i’m getting beat up after school?
I’m a sophmore in high school and imm getting beat up after school. it’s by this group of guys. I dunno what there problem is, because i’ve never done anything to them before, i just see them around school.

i usually walk home bc i have to and they just follow me. i’ve tried running away but they always catch me. its like five different boys. i’ve also tried to run to other houses to hide but usually fences are locked and there is no where to go. i tried going to two of my teachers and telling them but nothing was done.
i told my counselor n finally we went to the office, but this was after me trying to get ahold of my counselor for weeks n weeks. we finnally met and she did a mediation thing, and only four of the guys came bc one was absent. they said they hadn’t done anything but the counselor just told us to “get along” and “work it out” so yeah going to the school does nothing
the schoo doesnt take me seriously because its a rich school and they are fukkin stupid. they dont care about the poorer students there, like me.
other than that, i dont get bullied mi have a few friends but mostly im by myself. it’s just after school with this same group of guys
they also spread rumors about me and told everyone that i didn’t wash my hair bc its greasy.

im just worried because one of the guys says sexual things to me sometimes n im worried something bad might happen. he says i’m too gross to have sex with but i have been peed on before, mostly i just get punched and hit. and when i get home late, i get in trouble and i get hit at home sometimes, so i try to avoid stuff like tht as much as possible.

i dunno who to tell about this :/ so sorry if this is long i’m just really depressed sad and i feel a bit scared a lot. if you have any advice please let me know! xoxo :]
yes its private i get a $ 4k schlarship to go here.

i tried telling my mom but she got aggravated with me and shes involved in some drugs and things like that. she just told me to toughen up bc thats what she did at my age. and she has a boyfriend so shes busy a lot.

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Answer by Keep On Smiling
You need the call the police. They’ll escort you home if necessary. That should scare ’em off.

Your school sounds terrible, and I’m sorry they’re not taking this more seriously! Violent acts / bullying should NOT exist, especially when it’s 5 guys ganging up on 1 girl. This is physical and mental abuse. You need to contact the authorities and press charges if necessary. Literally, you could send them all to jail!

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