If asked about the advantages of a any shopping cart platform, any e-store owner will name those most useful for his own business. For a BigCommerce platform users, the advantages are obvious. It’s easy to use and comes with numerous free templates, so it’s simple to make the store look attractive. All of the progress and statistics of your site are always at hand due to BigCommerce reporting capabilities. It also offers real-time credit card processing tools and ensures that all different areas of your website are optimized for search engines. These features make BigCommerce a number one choice for merchants willing to expand their business and get great results day-by-day.

BigCommerce Product Import is a Pain?

Nevertheless, to keep advancing with your business you need to introduce constructive changes regularly.

For an online shop to achieve higher conversion rates it is essential to attract new visitors and keep devoted customers interested. Without a doubt, if a shop offers new items and categories regularly, it will be popular with the clients. When your customers would just come often to see what’s new on your website, they are much more likely to make a purchase. However, to let the visitors access new items on the site, you have to update the catalogue. Adding new products together with descriptions and images manually can take much time. And this tedious work is really tiring.

Apart from that, take into account that your competitors are equally eager to get more clients to their store. They have probably not only updated the catalogue, but are promoting new items already. You need to find the way to be more efficient, more productive, and faster. Would it mean you have to devote all your time just to keeping your e-store catalogue up to date to surpass the rivals? Even if you do, is it really effective? Finally, hasn’t it occurred to you that there must be some easier way of product import?

How to Perform Automated BigCommerce Import

Actually, you can import products to BigCommerce in a manner much simpler and quicker by using an automated webservice File2Cart. It can be really handy for both small and large estore keepers, allowing either to perform a one-time BigCommerce product import or schedule – daily, weekly or monthly database update, whatever is right for you. The service will import products, images and categories from the .csv, .xml or .txt file to your store catalogue as fast as possible.

Clearly, being a businessman, you know that time is money. If there is the possibility to save your valuable time and invest it into improving your site performance and attracting more traffic. Why not try it out? For more details concerning automated BigCommerce import, visit http://www.file2cart.com/. Make advancement your top priority and the results won’t be slow to arrive!

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