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  1. Shon Holmes says:

    Some people just don’t want to be handcuffed to a two year contract. Does
    that mean they don’t deserve highend quality?

  2. TechAstonish says:

    thanks! xovien!

  3. TechAstonish says:


  4. TechAstonish says:

    i will definitely do that. thanks for the advice dave.

  5. NH Tech says:

    I use a prepaid phone and I am not low income and if you watched txbrad’s
    video you would see he has a Virgin mobile prepared smart phone I think you
    need to be more clearer in before you go ahead and press record you seemed
    to be unsure about a lot of things I think maybe this video wasn’t one of
    your best videos cause you didn’t seem confident in speaking you seem to
    pause more then you should of word of advice Think before you speak

  6. xovien says:

    I like to comment

  7. therealnickman98 says:

    pre paid as in pay for the amount of minuets you use or pre paid as in you
    buy the phone early and get it on release. great video :)

  8. TechAstonish says:

    no it doesent. This was one of those videos i just wanted to get right out
    into the community of youtube, i was not really thinking.

  9. humanalien337 says:

    Just cause your on a prepaid plan doesn’t mean you have a “low income”

  10. Brad Snyder says:

    Cool video!

  11. TechAstonish says:

    i realized that, I really was not thinking during the video.

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