A gentleman in Farmington Hills, Michigan recently lost nearly 00 as part of a phone scam. Scammers are always looking for potential, unsuspecting victim…
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  1. Asok Banerjee says:

    Yes, I had the same experience this week. Last Monday (MLK Day) I got a
    telephone call from a lady who identified her as Susan Brown from FBI crime
    investigation. She left a message saying that there is a lawsuit case filed
    against my name and I must call her back. When I called back, I asked her
    about the details of the lawsuit. She replied saying that I owed money to
    the IRS.(2008 and 2009). When I told her that I have all the documents for
    the last 30 years of my returns, she got mad. She also warned me that if I
    don’t pay it now they will send cops to arrest me, and all my assets would
    be frozen. I got so scared. Then suddenly I remembered that it was a
    Federal Holiday and so this must be a scam. So I stopped the conversation.
    After two days, the same caller called again. The caller ID resembled that
    of the IRS (1-800-xxx-1040). When I called back, the same lady identified
    her as the IRS personnel and talked for another 15 min. This time I really
    got scared and told her that I will check it with the IRS office and call
    her back. I contacted the IRS and they told me that it’s a scam that is
    going around in every state in US for the last few weeks. I was so relieved

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