Question by KaliUSO: Is it legal for renters to remove someone not on lease from home?
So, I just got out of county jail for helping my homeless, lost her kids to CPS and mother ditched sister out. In an agreement for her to get her life in order, my girlfriend and I took her into our home we’re renting without Landlord notice since we assumed it’d only be a couple months @most. After two months of failed job hunting, my girlfriend gets “sistr” a job @her work in the medical field. 5:30am everyday, is when my girlfriend, her sistr and mine wake to drive 1.5hrs to work therefore when one pulls 16hr shifts, the others have to wait because gas is too much for back and forths. My plan for her was easy to follow, “HANDEL YOUR BUSINESS…”, I know of an auction to get cars for 3-400.00 bucks. “First get job…Then car, so my girl can come home and you can work WHATEVER hrs wherever…Then, show judge @upcoming court date to show effort in wanting your two kids back from foster home…”, very simple, right…Sistr’s first check is modest, a little on food and gas…Sistr’s 2nd chech is huge, for her, 480.00+, which to me had mor than enough to either save and add more the next one or GET HER a car NOW…Instead, behind my back, SHE BUYS A FRREAKIN PREPAID CELL PHONE!!!..I suppose my girl and I are OBLIGATED to baby her…SHE’S 30…Trying to act 19 ON MY GIRL AND I’S FAMILY BUILDING TIME…Short version, I scold her, take the phone away as well as her next check to make her get car, she tries to get my girl fired and calls cops claiming I hit her and files battery…It’s almost 4 months now…Cops were saying something like I can’t just throw her out…It seemed he was makin SHIT up to trick me….PLEASE HELP…She’s about to be let out of county, (2 days now…), I was let out my girl picked me up and I LEFT HER there…If she has an escort bring her to my house can I say NO?? I’ve already stuffed her stuff in bags in the garage and am ready to donate to Salvation Army!!! HELP…
Thanks guys, I appreciate it…Concerning the “no proof of residency”, she’s already changed her address @Post Office, does that matter? I don’t think so being that ANY COOK can claim anyone’s address just by seeing the house. The cop, on the other hand was saying that if she got mail here, she lived here…Not sure.

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Answer by sassy25
Lock her out. She has no legal proof she is a resident at that address.

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