With her new Approved prepaid credit card, personal finance expert Suze Orman seeks to change an industry and craft a worthy legacy.

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  1. Balloons and More Gifts says:

    I’m confused above it says prepaid CREDIT card, but on the site it says

  2. visceralguy says:

    She’s one smart, bold, tough woman. She cares about anyone that’s ever been
    in a financial jam (and these days it’s alot of people) and her experience
    and expertise has brought her much wisdom. She knows what’s talking about.
    She’s a champion. I think she’ll succeed.

  3. Fany M says:

    the idea for this card is mainly to build a good credit score as anyone
    would with a credit card but without paying interest. i love it. is such of
    great idea for the POOR. if the midle class and the rich can afford to pay
    interest that is good for them but for us the ones with less furtune is
    great. P.S. i rather pay $10.00 a month fee and not 24% interest and still
    build good credit.

  4. Taxminia0311 says:

    her card has 20 hidden fee’s that what she really isn’t telling you she all
    total bullshitter lots of crap coming out of her mouth…shut the fuck up
    Suze Orman

  5. ohshit109 says:

    Very true. My credit is ruined from years of unemployment when I couldn’t
    find work. I can’t get anything and soon will be filing Bankruptcy. I will
    not go into anymore debt after I file bankruptcy. At all. I am through.

  6. sunsirel says:

    um, you do know that millions of people can’t get credit cards or bank
    accounts. Some people can’t even get a secured credit card

  7. legallystealshow says:

    Sunsirel, I do understand what you are saying. However as a personal
    finance expert myself who has walked the road of bad credit before, there
    are better alternatives than a prepaid debt card that cost. American
    Express offers a FREE prepaid debit card. Also as a credit union advocate
    with a strong background in credit union operations, credit unions offer
    banking services to those unbankable you speak of. Please explain your
    statement of ‘some people can’t get a secured credit card.’

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